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Rising Stars Reading Planet Series 29 Books Collection Set - Ages 4-5 - Paperback

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SKU B2D4528 ISBN: 9781203906832
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Title in This Set:

Rising Stars Reading Planet (Pink, Level 1A,1B)
1. Reading Planet - On the Bus
2. Reading Planet - Feed the Ducks
3. Reading Planet - Run, Mum, Run!
4. Reading Planet - Pin It
5. Reading Planet - Pop In
6. Reading Planet - Dot to Dot

Rising Stars Reading Planet (Red, Level 2A,2B)
7. Reading Planet - Are we Lost?
8. Reading Planet - Feed the Animals
9. Reading Planet - The Twins
10. Reading Planet - Too Much Soap!
11. Reading Planet - Hello, Stefan!
12. Reading Planet - Tick, Tock

Rising Stars Reading Planet (Yellow, Level 3)
13. Reading Planet - Tortoise Trouble
14. Reading Planet - The Talent Contest
15. Reading Planet - The Sunflowers
16. Reading Planet - The Flight
17. Reading Planet - Parrot Problem
18. Reading Planet - The Storm

Rising Stars Reading Planet (Blue, Level 4, Phonics Phase 4,5)
19. Reading Planet - Fire! Fire!
20. Reading Planet - Out of the Pond
21. Reading Planet - Let's Paint!
22. Reading Planet - Aladdin and the Lamp
23. Reading Planet - The Imps and the Bootmaker

Rising Stars Reading Planet (Green, Level 5, Phonics Phase 5)
24. Reading Planet - Forest School
25. Reading Planet - Save the Dolphin
26. Reading Planet - World Book Day
27. Reading Planet - Punk-Zel
28. Reading Planet - Bear Scare
29. Reading Planet - Football Stickers


Reading Planet - On the Bus
Rav's dad is taking Rav and his friends on the bus. Rav loves staring out of the window to see what goes past, but he'd be better be careful not to get left behind!

Reading Planet - Feed the Ducks
Asha starts to feed the ducks at the park, and soon all her friends want to join in. The ducks want the food, but will they be frightened away?

Reading Planet - Run, Mum, Run!

It's sports day at Newton Primary School, and time for the mums to race! Tess, Finn, Asha and Rav cheer on their mums, but will any of them win?

Reading Planet - Pin It
Rav, Tess, Asha and Finn are having a party! One of the games is pin the hat on the pirate. Who will get the closest?

Reading Planet - Pop In

It's playtime at school and the pupils from Miss Lock's class keep popping into the classroom to get something. Will Miss Lock ever get a rest?

Reading Planet - Dot to Dot
Asha, Rav, Tess and Finn are having fun doing to dot-to-dot pictures at school. What will they draw?

Reading Planet - Are we Lost?
The Comet Street Kids are exploring the Planet Zoom theme park, which is great fun until they get lost! They have a map, but it's no help. Can they work out how to find out where they are? Are we Lost?

Reading Planet - Feed the Animals
Tess and Asha are helping Tess's mum at the wildlife park. They want to feed the animals, but all the food has disappeared! Will they find out who's stolen it all?

Reading Planet - The Twins
Tess and Finn are twins and do lots of things together. But it's a rainy day and they're stuck inside and fed up. Will they fall out?

Reading Planet - Too Much Soap!
Asha and Tess are at the wildlife park with Tess's mum. They must wash their hands after feeding the animals, but what happens when they get too much soap?

Reading Planet - Hello, Stefan!
Stefan arrives at school for his first day! Rav wants to help him to settle in, but will Stefan need it?

Reading Planet - Tick, Tock
Asha, Finn, Rav and Finn doing an art hunt at the museum! Will the friends find everything before it shuts? Tick, tock!

Reading Planet - Tortoise Trouble
Finn and Tess are feeding tortoises at the wildlife park when a thunderstorm starts – and they find themselves swept away!

Reading Planet - The Talent Contest
There's a talent show at Newton Primary School, and Tess is in it! She's performing a puppet show, but what will happen when she runs out of hands to hold the puppets?

Reading Planet - The Sunflowers
Miss Lock gives her class a seed each, because they're going to have a sunflower-growing competition. Tess is sure hers will be the biggest, but only if she remembers to look after it… Who will win the competition?

Reading Planet - The Flight
Rav and Asha are enjoying looking at old transport in the museum when they get transported back in time! They meet people who are trying to fly – but no one is very good. Can Rav and Asha help the Wright brothers fly their plane for the first time?

Reading Planet - Parrot Problem
Tess and Asha are at the wildlife park when they're transported to a rainforest and meet some parrots! But the birds can't find the food they usually eat – can Asha and Tess help?

Reading Planet - The Storm
The Comet Street Kids are at school when a storm starts. They won't be able to go outside at playtime – and when a tree falls down it looks as if they might get stuck there overnight!

Reading Planet - Fire! Fire!
It's time for the school trip – to the Monument in London! The class are going to find out all about the Great Fire of London, but Tess thinks she's going to see a real fire. After climbing the 311 steps to the top, will she?

Reading Planet - Out of the Pond
When the otters of Larch Class go pond dipping, they are hoping to find pond skaters and dragonflies, so are surprised when they see a scary pond monster ... Or is the monster just their classmate, Dell, playing a trick on them?

Reading Planet - Let's Paint!
The class are having a great time painting a mural on a huge wall at school with the help of a local artist. What are they painting … and will it be ready in time for parents' evening?

Reading Planet - Aladdin and the Lamp
After promising him silver coins, Abanazer takes Aladdin to a deep, dark cave full of treasure and demands that he steals a lamp. Aladdin refuses but accidentally rubs the lamp and out pops a genie, who offers him three wishes! What will Aladdin wish for?

Reading Planet - The Imps and the Bootmaker
A poor bootmaker has just enough material to make one more pair of boots before he has to close his shop forever. Overnight, a beautiful pair of boots mysteriously appear, which the bootmaker then sells for a fine price. Night after night, more boots appear, and the bootmaker is able to keep the shop open. But who, or what, is making those fabulous boots?

Reading Planet - Forest School
At Forest School, children learn outside and get close to nature. In this interesting information book, you can find out more about the fun things to build, make and look for at Forest School!

Reading Planet - Save the Dolphin
When they see a rainbow at the wildlife park, Tess and Asha find themselves whirled away to the Amazon rainforest!

Reading Planet - World Book Day

World Book Day is an annual event that every child can enjoy. Find out what World Book Day is all about, why reading is so important and how to join in the fun on this very special day!

Reading Planet - Punk-Zel

Punk-Zel and Tristan don't get on - she loves playing football, and he loves singing songs about flowers. But when the wicked queen kidnaps Tristan, it's Punk-Zel who comes to his rescue. How will she save him from the tall tower and the wicked queen? Find out in this modern twist on the story of Rapunzel.

Reading Planet - Bear Scare

Tess, Asha, Finn and Rav are at the wildlife park looking at the Arctic foxes when they find themselves whirling away to the Arctic! They meet some polar bear cubs and have great fun playing with them … until their hungry mother turns up. Can the friends escape?

Reading Planet - Football Stickers

Zack has nearly filled his football sticker book, but on a rainy trip to a football stadium the sticker book is ruined when a sports car speeds through a puddle, soaking Zack. Will Zack ever complete his book of football stickers?


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