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Richard Scarry Collection 10 Books Set Best First Book Ever - Ages 0-5 - Paperback

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Aimed at children aged 3+, this is a brilliant set that will answer questions that fill their curious minds. As they expand their knowledge and recognise what’s around them, this set of 10 books from Richard Scarry provides children with reference books that are plenty of fun too. Adding to their book of increasing library of ‘firsts’, these 10 titles cover a range of topics from vehicles in motion to counting, with a gentle approach to non-fiction or learning about the everyday world. One thing is for sure, these iconic books will keep your little one entertained for plenty of time! 

Richard Scarry's books have been delighting children for generations with their detailed pictures showing the goings-on in a very busy town. Each zany illustration features plenty of friendly animal characters going to work, taking trips and just being busy.

Children aged 3+ will love poring over the bright pictures and endless detail and discovering that the longer you look at each one, the more crazy and comic incidents you spot.

This 10-book set includes Great Big Schoolhouse and the Great Big Mystery Book alongside Cars and Trucks and Things that Go and the Best Counting Book Ever - each and every one makes learning and reading a delight, and proves that picking up a book by Richard Scarry means playtime from start to finish.

Titles in collection

  •   Great Big Mystery Book

Sam Cat and Dudley Pig are on the trail of a thief! The perfect gift for any child or Scarry collector, The Great Big Mystery book is a collection of Richard Scarry’s mystery stories starring the loveable Sam and Dudley.

  •   Great Big Schoolhouse

From A – Z and 1 – 10, through the seasons of the year and the colours of the rainbow, Miss Honey's schoolhouse is a very busy place indeed. Join Huckle and Lowly as they learn to tell the time, read stories about dragons and cause a little bit of chaos, in the best schoolhouse ever!

  •   Best Word Book Ever

Join Kathy Bear, Kenny Bear and their Busytown friends to learn lots of everyday words. Illustrated in Scarry’s signature style, the book is packed with hundreds of names for objects both familiar and new, grouped by subject, occasion and theme. From colours and numbers to fruit and vegetables to animals, vehicles and so much more, this is a beautifully entertaining way to expand a child’s knowledge of the world.

  •   What Do People Do All Day?

Everyone is busy in Busytown – from train drivers to doctors, from mothers to sailors, in police stations and on fire engines. Follow lots of busy people working through their busy days. Captain Salty and his crew are getting ready to go on a voyage; Doctor Lion is busy at the hospital; Sergeant Murphy is working hard to keep things safe and peaceful; and engineers are building new roads. Another busy day in Busytown!

  •   Cars and Trucks and Things That Go?

From tractors to trucks, sports cars to unicycles, and fire engines to mouse beach buggies, there’s lots to see and talk about on every page

  •   Funniest Storybook Ever

Read how Rabbit gets stuck to the road, and how little Tanglefoot trips over everything in sight! With stories such as ‘The Talking Bread’ and ‘Uncle Willie and the Pirates’, there is enough action here to satisfy the most demanding reader.

  •   Planes and Rockets and Things That Fly

In this collection Huck takes flying lessons, we learn how planes and birds fly, the cat family goes to the air show, and Wolfgang Wolf, Benny Baboon and Harry Hyena take a trip to the moon in their own rocket! Packed with amazing Scarry detail and with stories that can be read again and again, this book will give hours of fun to fans of planes, rockets and flying! 

  •   Busiest People Ever

Do you know who greets the new arrivals at a train station? Or carries the luggage onto a ship? Who saves the day when the train is going to crash? And who delivers the apples for Grandma's apple pie? Find the answers to these questions and more with the busy residents of Busytown. 

  •   Best First Book Ever

The Best First Book Ever helps children to become familiar with over 700 words. Each large, colourful illustration is packed with everyday objects and details, all clearly labelled. Those loveable Scarry characters introduce basic subjects: the alphabet, counting, shapes and sizes, parts of the body and more!

  •   Best Counting Book

Willy practises counting all of the things he sees – from one bunny (himself!) to a hundred fireflies in the night sky. This wonderful book makes learning your numbers fun and easy

From counting, to expanding their vocabulary, this 10-book set from Richard Scarry combines learning with plenty of fun. Young children will find these books entertaining and be pleased with the objects, settings or words they can recognise. Each one has been carefully crafted to push children into becoming confident learners, and finding a book that meets their interest could be a great place to start. Your little one may have a love for diggers, or is fascinated by aeroplanes and rockets! As soon as they’ve got the grasp of one book, they’ll quickly be onto the next. The great thing about these books is that they can remain on bookshelves as a handy non-fiction resource too, as children begin to learn more are preschool – these 10 books provide plenty of factual information to supplement their growing minds.

 Check out fiction and non-fiction options for children aged 3+.