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Reading Champions for New Readers 30 Books Set (Beginners Collection Series 1) - Ages 0-5- Paperback

SKU: B2D2967 ISBN: 9781445166292
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Reading Champion is an independent reading series with a fresh, modern approach. Developed in consultation with UCL Institute of Education (IOE), the books have been specifically written for independent reading and are designed to help children practise and embed their developing reading skills.

  • support you to offer your child a wide range of books to choose from
  • provide opportunity for your child to use and apply the reading skills they have learned in school
  • use common interests and real-life experiences so that your child can identify with characters and settings
  • use clear sentence structures and accessible vocabulary that your child is able to understand easily
  • use natural language patterns so that books can be read aloud and shared with enjoyment and confidence

Titles in this collection (30)

  • Pink- I Like Red
  • Pink-The Big Box
  • Pink-Tap,Tap
  • Pink-The Toy Shop Train
  • Pink-Granny at The Park
  • Pink-We Like To Play
  • Red-Bob's Cab
  • Red-It Wasn't Me
  • Red-At The Skate Park
  • Red-At The Zoo
  • Red-Look Out
  • Red- A Pet To Play With
  • Yellow- Ahmed And the New Boy
  • Yellow- Hop And Run
  • Yellow-Sam's Super Family
  • Yellow-Hold On To The Mat
  • Yellow-Sid's Stick
  • Yellow-Where are we going 
  • Blue-A windy day 
  • Blue-At night 
  • Blue-Flip the flamingo
  • Blue-Merlin the mouse
  • Blue-Stuck in the mud
  • Blue-Fun at the beach
  • Green-Hippo's birthday
  • Green-The bunk bed
  • Green-Poppy's project
  • Green-Poor bear
  • Green-Letters from grandpa
  • Green-Sandeep and the dragon