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Reading Champions Developing Readers 30 Book Collection Level 6 to 10 (Series 2) - Ages 5-7 - Paperback

SKU: B2D1911 ISBN: 9781445166308
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In this Reading Champions series, every book was carefully constructed to make for an effective means in helping kids develop important reading skills. Each book was designed to help kids mature in their reading journey step by step from the age of 5. Each book was not only designed to be informative and educational but also fun and engaging at the same time too! The themes and topics are very interesting with each book focussed on a different story making this collection always keeping kids wanting for more due to the new and unexpected storyline. 

The books are colour banded, this makes sorting the level of difficulty much easier to organise. At the same time, this helps tutors and parents to monitor the progress of reading development, at the same time children will feel a sense of accomplishment as they level up. Reading Champions is one of the most effective reading series and has remained our bestselling collection on our entire website for many months, the Reading Champion series is a modern masterpiece for aiding kids reading development. Each book was designed by literacy experts to balance the books with enjoyment and education. The setting and characters are diverse, meaning readers are able to not only learn about reading grammar and language skills but also broaden their horizons in different contemporary topics to further increase the pleasure of reading. This series is a wonderful choice for the classroom and for additional homework at home, the amazing series is so well done and neatly organised together that it can make for a perfect gift for children. We have heard so many great stories and feedback from our customers and parents who noticed a massive improvement in their children’s reading skills. Reading Champion is published by Franklin Watts and will continually to remain an all time favourite for us and our customers. Be sure to check out our Home Learning and Featured category for more fantastic and useful learning tools.

‘Reading Champion resources are high quality and help to create effective, efficient and enthusiastic readers. They would be a welcome addition to any library and are very competitively priced.’ Teach Primary review of the series

‘The illustrations in this book are lovely and the text bold and easy to read with lots of repetition. I look forward to reading it with my younger daughter when she starts primary.’ Amazon review, At Night (Independent Reading Blue 4)

‘My daughter has read this to me several times and has enjoyed it. It seems about the right difficulty for its reading level. It has lots of really good illustrations and is fun to read. Would recommend.’ Amazon review, Cave Boy and the Egg (Independent Reading Turquoise 7)

Use the book band that your child is reading at school to help them choose a book that is at the right level for their ability. You should decide together whether your child will read the story independently or read it aloud to you. If reading aloud then you should support your child if they hesitate or ask for help. If reading to themselves, remind your child that they can come and ask for help if they get stuck.

Each book contains guidance notes for parents and carers using the books at home. These notes include questions to ask before they start reading, such as “Why did you choose this book? Why do you think you will enjoy it?”, as well as suggested questions and a fun comprehension activity for after they have read the book. These questions aim to help children learn to make good choices when choosing independent reading books, and support their comprehension of the story. Find out more from their official website for Reading Champions.

Titles in Set:

  • Orange - Dragon Hiccups - Jenny Jinks & Martin Remphry
  • Orange - A Crown for Lion - A. H. Benjamin & Jeff Crowther
  • Orange - Robot Gets It Wrong - Elizabeth Dale & Maxine Lee
  • Orange - Funny Footprints - Katie Dale & Nanette Regan
  • Orange - Dog at School - Katie Dale & Gustavo Mazali
  • Orange - Little Spook - Penny Dolan & Joshua Heinsz
  • Turquoise - The Cat's Tale - Lynne Rickards & Karl West
  • Turquoise - Cave Boy and the Egg - Damian Harvey & Bill Bolton
  • Turquoise - Tom the Naughty Tooth Fairy - Elizabeth Dale & Adriana Puglisi
  • Turquoise - Jack's Junk - Elizabeth Dale & Mirella Mariani
  • Turquoise - The Dinosaur Bone - Elizabeth Dale & Stu McLellan
  • Turquoise - The Very Worst Wizard - Elizabeth Dale & Denis Cristo
  • Purple - Flash and the Butterfl