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Free shipping when you spend £30 and deliveries from £2.49

Rainbow Magic The Magical Party and Adventure Series Collection 42 Books Set - Ages 5-7 - Paperback - Daisy Meadows

SKU: B2D0146 ISBN: 9781408348246
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Titles in set:

  • Pet Keeper Fairies: Penny
  • Pet Keeper Fairies: Molly
  • Pet Keeper Fairies: Harrieta
  • Pet Keeper Fairies: Lauren
  • Pet Keeper Fairies: Georgia
  • Pet Keeper Fairies: Bella
  • Pet Keeper Fairies: Katie
  • Party Fairies: Jasmine
  • Party Fairies: Phoebe
  • Party Fairies: Polly
  • Party Fairies: Honey
  • Party Fairies: Grace
  • Party Fairies: Melodie
  • Party Fairies: Cherry
  • Rainbow Fairies: Heather
  • Rainbow Fairies: Izzy
  • Rainbow Fairies: Sky
  • Rainbow Fairies: Fern
  • Rainbow Fairies: Saffron
  • Rainbow Fairies: Amber
  • Rainbow Fairies: Ruby
  • Sporty Fairies: Gemma
  • Sporty Fairies: Alice
  • Sporty Fairies: Samantha
  • Sporty Fairies: Naomi
  • Sporty Fairies: Zoe
  • Sporty Fairies: Francesca
  • Sporty Fairies: Helena
  • Jewel Fairies: Lucy
  • Jewel Fairies: Sophie
  • Jewel Fairies: Amy
  • Jewel Fairies: Chloe
  • Jewel Fairies: Emily
  • Jewel Fairies: Scarlett
  • Jewel Fairies: India
  • Weather Fairies: Hayley
  • Weather Fairies: Storm
  • Weather Fairies: Evie
  • Weather Fairies: Goldie
  • Weather Fairies: Pearl
  • Weather Fairies: Abigail
  • Weather Fairies: Crystal

Discover your special talent with the rainbow magic Fairies. Dance, play, draw, sing and bake with the most talented and creative fairies in fairyland! This sparkling collection gives fairy fans the chance to enjoy one Rainbow Magic story a week for an entire year. These magical stories follow Rachel and Kirsty as they join the fairies in their ongoing battle with Jack Frost. Completely spellbinding and with easy-to-read, accessible text, they are full of fun and will appeal to any child who has just started to read independently.