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Perfect Practice KS2 English and Maths Year 5 - 2 Books For Age 9-10 Years - Paperback

SKU: B2D2870 ISBN: 9789124369156
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Perfect Practice English, Maths For Year 5

What do you need to know for school this year? How can you stay ahead in class? Our life-saving new Perfect Practice series takes the stress out of staying on top at school.

This home workbook goes direct to the things you need to know, helping you focus your energy. (Wasting time isn’t smart.) We’ve done all the planning for you, matching each activity to the curriculum you’re learning at school.

Plus, we’ve made each topic really fun to work through. Essential home practice that feels really good. Enjoy that lovely calm sensation of doing your best in class.

Ideal for:

Perfect for practising essential skills at home
Boosting confidence with topics children will be learning in school
Providing extra support with guidance, notes and tips