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Percy the Park Keeper 6 Books Collection By Nick Butterworth - Ages 2+ - Paperback

SKU: B2D1021 ISBN: 9780007974719
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Percy the Park Keeper has been a beloved series of picture books for many generations. Empathetically written and gorgeously illustrated by Nick Butterworth, the books ably communicate the beauty of the British countryside while telling wonderful stories about friendship. These kids’ fiction books are perfect for anyone aged 0-5, and their parents will love sharing the books with them too!

The plot follows the world’s most famous park keeper Percy. He loves his park and cares deeply about all the animals that live there. In these adventures, Percy comes up against storms, snow, and a secret path. Through these touching and heartfelt takes, he helps his animal friends through scrapes and close calls but always wins out in the end. A great choice for budding young readers who love pawsome and purrfect animals!

This set includes six fully illustrated paperback books, authored by the iconic Nick Butterworth. Each contains a fabulous fold-out poster picture or puzzle at the end, which increases the activity of the book - perfect for keeping the attention of busy little minds! Over nine million copies of these books have been sold worldwide, so you know you’re in good hands.


About the author

Nick Butterworth is an author and illustrator, best known for the Percy the Park Keeper books. He’s also published many other picture books, including Bible Stories & Tales and My Mum is Fantastic. He won the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize in 2005 for The Whisperer.

Percy the Park Keeper was turned into a TV series in 1996, starring Jim Broadbent, and his Q Pootle 5 books were turned into a CBeebies show in 2013.

Butterworth was born in Kingsbury, London, in 1946 and grew up in a Romford sweet shop. During the 1960s, he was a freelance graphic designer. Butterworth used to be a presenter on Rub-a-Dub-Dub in the 1980s, a children’s segment on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. He lives in Essex with his wife and has two grown-up children.

From the publisher
Explore the seasons and the countryside with favourite character Percy, as he cares for his beloved park and all the animals in it. Six gentle, enticing outdoor stories from a bestselling picture book series, written and illustrated with loving care by the award-winning Nick Butterworth. Taking children right through the four seasons, from sunny spring days to wild autumn storms, they are a delightful way to introduce the landscapes and wildlife of the British countryside.

Titles in This Set:

1. After The Storm
2. The Treasure Hunt
3. Percy’s Bumpy Ride
4. The Rescue Party
5. One Snowy Night
6. The Secret Path


After The Storm

A storm is raging outside and Percy the Park Keeper is having a sleepless night. When he gets up the following morning, Percy finds that the old oak tree has been blown down. It is a disaster for his animal friends who live there, but Percy is soon devising a plan to help his little friends find new homes in the best tree house they have ever seen!

The Treasure Hunt
Percy the park keeper is planning a treasure hunt. All his animal friends are to follow a trail of clues around the park and the first one to reach the end will find the treasure! The animals are so excited they can’t wait for the hunt to begin…

Percy’s Bumpy Ride
Percy the park keeper has been busy in his workshop for days. As his animal friends try to guess what he is making, Percy suddenly emerges sitting on top of a very strange machine. The animals jump aboard for what turns out to be a very bumpy ride…

The Rescue Party
Percy the park keeper is having a day off. It is a perfect day for doing nothing. But Percy’s peaceful picnic is disturbed when a little rabbit meets with a nasty tumble into an old well. All the animals gather together with a huge rope to help pull the rabbit out. But all they tug from the well is the branch of a tree. But the rabbit has already found her own way out…through a passage under the ground and she’s at the end of the line with the other animals lending a hand!

One Snowy Night
Percy the Park Keeper always feeds the animals in the park where he lives. But one cold winter’s night Percy discovers that his little friends need more than food and he must find a way to help them find a warm place to sleep for the night.

Percy’s hut is nice and warm but Percy discovers that if you invite one animal in you’ll have to invite them all in and his hut is only small – it’s certainly going to be a squash!

The Secret Path
Percy the Park Keeper is in for a surprise in this funny story from highly-regarded, bestselling author-illustrator Nick Butterworth. Includes a fabulous fold-out maze.

It’s a beautiful spring morning and a perfect opportunity for Percy to trim the overgrown maze. The animals decide to have some fun hiding on the stone lion in the middle of the maze, to surprise Percy. But the surprise is on them when they fall asleep and Percy, finding them, hides behind the statue and pretends his voice is the lion’s telling them to wake up.

Percy has unravelled some string through the maze to help him find the way out but the squirrel, thinking he is helping, has wound the string into a ball. Help Percy and his friends find the way out of the park, guiding them through the fold-out maze at the back of the book.