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Official Pokemon Story Books For Early Reader 6 Books Children Collection Boxset - Paperback - Age 5-7

SKU: B2D2735 ISBN: 9781408363058
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A wonderful book collection for Pokemon fans, browse our other Pokemon titles, bestsellers and Series for popular titles.

About Pokémon and the story: The game series debuted in Japan in 1996 by Nintendo, and since became a worldwide phenomenon capturing gamers of all ages and originally produced for the handheld console Game Boy, this grew into Nintendo’s second biggest franchise behind Super Mario Bros producing animated shows, movies, books, merchandise, games, theme parks, events. In the books and animated series, we follow the main protagonist Ash Ketchum or his Japanese name Satoshi in his journey in travelling the world and taking on all Pokemon Gym Leaders and evil organisations he encounters with his trusted allies and team like Pikachu, Misty and Brock to name a few. 

Ketchum begins his journey with his first and arguably the most iconic and recognizable faces of the series Pikachu. Ketchum arrives late in receiving his first pokemon from Professor Oak’s laboratory, in fact Ketchum wanted to choose Squirtle the water starter pokemon but was left with no choice but to choose Pikachu who was at first very disobedient and headstrong towards Ketchum. However after experiencing a traumatic event with a flock of Spearows attacking and Ketchum’s determination to protect Pikachu and almost facing life and death, Pikachu was deeply touched and protected the protagonist with a lightning charged retaliation back at the flock of Spearows. Since this event, the pair became an inseparable duo and stuck together in every challenge to come. 

Ketchum is a young and inexperienced 10 year old trainer who has the aspiration to catch all of the original 150 pokemon. However, he soon realizes that the world is filled with mighty trainers with dominating teams and he is faced with many problems along the way but he is supported by his trusted friends Misty and Brock. His journey starts out in the region of Kanto. Ketchum is driven yet impulsive and often gets himself into trouble and predicaments due to his passion of becoming a Pokemon Master, he often acts bold but rash. However this careless and daring personality has helped him attain every Gym badge from Kanto’s Gym Leaders, although a huge achievement for this young boy, it is just a small part to something much greater as he sets off to his next journey. 

Fun facts about the series: 

  • Pokemon has sold more than 39 billion dollars and over 200 million copies.
  • Pokemons original name is actually Pocket Monster.
  • The creator of Nintendo giants Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda series Miyamoto discovered Pokemon’s creator Tajiri and his talent, he helped him in developing the project further.
  • The series was inspired by bug collecting. 
  • There are a total of 721 pokemon species so far. 

Titles in This Set

  • Alola Adventure
  • The Guardian's Challenge
  • Team Rocket Trouble
  • Battle on Alola
  • School Trip
  • Legendary Ultra Beasts

Alola Adventure

Gotta Catch 'Em All! A fantastic full-colour early reader that Pokémon's youngest fans have been waiting for! Ash and his mum are on holiday in the Alola region, along with Pikachu and Mimey, and having a great time. Join Ash for a new adventure, exciting challenges and of course - more Pokémon battles! 

The Guardian's Challenge

Ash is starting at the Pokémon School in the Alola region, and his classmates are planning a party for him. But no one is expecting the surprise guest... Tapu Koko!

Team Rocket Trouble

At Pokémon School, Professor Kukui gives Ash a special Pokédex called a Rotom Dex. With help from the Rotom Dex, Ash is sure he will catch a Pokémon. But with Team Rocket also on Alola, it might not be that easy ...

Battle on Alola

Ash is determined to catch a Pokémon on Alola. When he saves a Rowlet, Ash thinks this is his chance. But catching Pokémon is not that simple!

School Trip

The Pokémon School students are going to Kanto! They can't wait to find out about all of the differences between the Pokémon in Kanto and Alola. Plus, they get to battle it out in the Pokémon Gym!

Legendary Ultra Beasts

When Ash comes across a mysterious Pokémon in Alola, no one knows what it is. Will some visitors from out of town be able to help? Pokémon Early Readers are perfect for developing reading skills and confidence.