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Free shipping when you spend £30 and deliveries from £2.49

My Sister the Vampire 8 Books Set Collection Vol 9 to 16

by Egmont
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Twin Spins!

She couldn't lie to her twin sister! Olivia's movie career is on hold and she's missing her megastar boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ivy has a secret she's been forbidden to shair she could be off to vampire school... in Transylvania! Up till now the twins always told each other everything. Is Ivy really going to keep her sister in the dark?

Date with Destiny

Decisions, Decisions! Ivy and Olivia are in Transylvania for the Vampire Royal Wedding and they've landed the juicy job of reporting on it for VAMP magazine!But both of them have big choices to make - Ivy about school and Olivia about love. Life's changing for the twins. Will the future be bright or really bite?

Flying Solo

We're still double trouble! The twins are apart but, life is as battty as ever... Ivy;s settling into Wallachia Acadamy,but the school strict rules are a real pain in the neck. Back in Franklin Grove, Olivia's bgun dressing like Ivy - to get into a vampire rock concert! It's bound to cause a coffin-load of chaos

Stake Out

We're on a mission! Ivy and Olivia are together again and not a moment too soon/ The whole vampire community is in a flap. Can the twins discover the identity of the mystery blogger who's trying to expose Franklin Grove's biggest secret? Hold on to your fangs, vamp fans... It's time to go undercover!

Double Disaster

Popularity bite! Ivy's in for a shock when she starts hig school. Suddenly she's super popular! She'll need all her vampire speed to escape her screaming fans... Meanwhile, Olivia's filming in London, but even her life's not picture perfect. She's still batty about her co-star and ex-boyfriend, Jackson!

Flipping Out

I love a high school romance! Olivia is on a matchmaking mission. But can Finna nd Amelia forget their differences and admit they're head over heels for each other? Ivy hope so... it might take some of the attention away from her. She's fed up to the back fangs of being the most popular girl in school

Secret and Spies

This town's in mystery overdrive! Franklin Grove is full of secrets. ivy's sure that new girl Maya is hiding something and it involves Ivy's boyfriend. Twin sis Olivia wants to help, but first she has to work out what's up with her stepmom. Lillian's acting like a total zombie... which is really weird for a vampire

Fashion Frightmare

It's time for some model behaviour! The cafe creative fashion show is coming up and everyone who's anyone is ready to strikle a pose. Everyone except Ivy, that is. Modelling is her worst nightmare. Luckily Olivia's there to lend a hand. But soon strutting down the catwalk is the least of the twin's worries .when a priceless accessory goes missing. Is there a couture crook in town?