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Mr Men and Little Miss My Complete Collection 84 Books Box Set - Ages 0-5 - Paperback - Roger Hargreaves

SKU: B2D3772-2 ISBN: 9789123697441
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Mr Men

1. Mr. Tickle

Mr Tickle has extraordinarily long arms. Great for tickling.

2. Mr. Greedy

Mr Greedy liked to eat. He was also very curious.

3. Mr. Happy

Mr Happy was fat and round, and happy.

4. Mr. Nosey

Mr Nosey liked to know about everything that was going on.

5. Mr. Sneeze

Mr Sneeze lived in Coldland where everybody is cold.

6. Mr. Bump

Mr Bump cold not help having accidents.

7. Mr. Snow

On one particularly snowy Christmas Eve…

8. Mr. Messy

Mr Messy was the messiest person you've ever met in your whole life.

9. Mr. Topsy Turvy

Mr Topsy Turvy was a funny sort of a fellow…

10. Mr. Silly

Mr Silly lives in Nonsenseland, which is a very funny place to live.

11. Mr. Uppity

Mr Uppity was rude to anybody and everybody.

12. Mr. Small

Mr Small wants to find a job, he goes to Mr Robinson to ask for advice.

13. Mr. Daydream

This is a story about Mr Daydream…

14. Mr. Forgetful

Mr Forgetful can't remember anything. Anything at all!

15. Mr. Jelly

Poor Mr Jelly was frightened of everything and anything.

16. Mr. Noisy

Mr Noisy was a very, very noisy person indeed.

17. Mr. Lazy

Mr Lazy lives in Sleepyland…

18. Mr. Funny

Mr Funny lived in a teapot…

19. Mr. Mean

Mr Mean lived up to his name.

20. Mr. Chatterbox

Mr Chatterbox simply couldn't stop talking.

21. Mr. Fussy

Mr Fussy was fussy about everything…

22. Mr. Bounce

Mr Bounce was very small and like a rubber ball.

23. Mr. Muddle

Poor Mr Muddle just couldn't get anything right.

24. Mr. Dizzy

Mr Dizzy lives in Cleverland where everybody is clever.

25. Mr. Impossible

Mr Impossible can do the most amazing things.

26. Mr. Strong

Mr Strong is the strongest person in the whole wide world.

27. Mr. Grumpy

Mr Grumpy has the most shocking bad temper.

28. Mr. Clumsy

Mr Clumsy, as you might have guessed, was a rather clumsy fellow.

29. Mr. Quiet

Mr Quiet lived in the middle of a wood in the middle of a country called Loudland.

30. Mr. Rush

Mr Rush was the fastest thing on two legs.

31. Mr. Tall

Mr Tall was the tallest person in you've ever meet.

32. Mr. Worry

Poor Mr Worry. Whatever happened, he worried about it.

33. Mr. Nonsense

Mr Nonsense has no sense at all…

34. Mr. Wrong

Whatever Mr Wrong did was absolutely wrong.

35. Mr. Skinny

Mr Skinny was extraordinarily thin…

36. Mr. Mischief

Mr Mischief is up to no good!

37. Mr. Clever

Mr Clever was quite the cleverest person ever…

38. Mr. Busy

There has never been anybody quite like Mr Busy…

39. Mr. Slow

Mr Slow, did everything in an extraordinarily slow way.

40. Mr. Brave

Mr Brave was invited to tea with Little Miss Trouble.

41. Mr. Grumble
42. Mr. Perfect
43. Mr. Cheerful
44. Mr. Cool
45. Mr. Rude
46. Mr. Good
47. Mr. Nobody
48. Mr Adventure

Little Miss

1. Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Bossy liked to boss everybody around…

2. Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Naughty was the naughtiest person you'll ever meet.

3. Little Miss Neat

Little Miss Neat was a very tidy person…

4. Little Miss Sunshine

While Little Miss Sunshine was driving home from her holiday..

5. Little Miss Tiny

Little Miss Tiny lives in a mousehole…

6. Little Miss Trouble

One day Little Miss Trouble was causing trouble, again.

7. Little Miss Giggles

One terrible day Little Miss Giggles lost her giggle!

8. Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Helpful was one of those people who loved to help other people.

9. Little Miss Magic

When Little Miss Magic told something to do something, it did it!

10. Little Miss Shy

Little Miss Shy couldn’t decide whether or not she would go to Mr Funny's party.

11. Little Miss Splendid

Nothing was too good for Little Miss Splendid.

12. Little Miss Twins

Little Miss Twin and Little Miss Twin, both of them, lived in Twoland.

13. Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Chatterbox, talked all the time…

14. Little Miss Dotty

Nonesenseland was holding the Nonsense Cup again.

15. Little Miss Late

Little Miss Late doesn't mean to be late, but she always is!

16. Little Miss Lucky

It was late at night and Little Miss Lucky heard a knock at the door.

17. Little Miss Scatterbrain

Little Miss Scatterbrain was just a little bit forgetful.

18. Little Miss Star

Little Miss Star was very popular, but not famous...

19. Little Miss Busy

Little Miss Busy loved nothing more than to be hard at work.

20. Little Miss Quick

Little Miss Quick was always in a terrible hurry.

21. Little Miss Wise

22. Little Miss Tidy

23. Little Miss Greedy
24. Little Miss Fickle
25. Little Miss Brainy
26. Little Miss Stubborn
27. Little Miss Curious
28. Little Miss Fun
29. Little Miss Contrary
30. Little Miss Somersault
31. Little Miss Scary
32. Little Miss Bad
33. Little Miss Whoops
34. Little Miss Princess
35. Little Miss Hug
36. Little Miss Inventor