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Mr. Men Adventures 9 Book Collection - Ages 0-5 - Paperback - Roger Hargreaves

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Roger Hargreaves was born in 1935, Britain’s third best-selling author of all time having sold over 100 million books including the famous Mr. Men and Little Miss series. Hargreaves wrote the first Mr. Men book in 1971 when his son asked him “What does a tickle look like?” in which Hargreaves responded by drawing a round orange body and long swirling arms hence Mr. Tickle was born!

Mr. Men Adventures 9 Book Collection

Titles in Set:

  • Adventure with Dinosaurs
  • Adventure in Egypt
  • Adventure with Knights
  • Adventure on Wheels
  • Adventure in the Jungle
  • Adventure Under the Sea
  • Adventure in Space
  • Adventure in Magicland
  • Adventure with Superheroes

Adventure with Dinosaurs

Little Miss Curious has found a footprint. The biggest footprint she has ever seen. And so begins a Mr Men hunt to find the dinosaurs with some extraordinary encounters between the two, including when Mr Tickle meets a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Adventure in Eqypt

Little Miss Splendid is on holiday in Egypt with her friends where she dreams of being Queen Splendid of the Nile! Will the mummies have more bandages than Mr Bump and how will they find their way out when they get lost inside a pyramid?

Adventure with Knights

There is a medieval tournament at Sir Lance’s castle and Mr Uppity and his friends are invited. How will the Mr Men fare with the heavy armour, jousting and sword fighting and will they rise to the challenge when a fire-breathing dragon arrives?

Adventure on Wheels

The Mr Men are very busy, driving diggers, fire engines and tractors. All except for Mr Busy who is going to the beach. Will Mr Busy be able to just drive on by when he sees all the chaos?

Adventure in the Jungle

After one wrong turn, Mr Dizzy’s walk in the woods with friends becomes an adventure in the jungle with tangled vines and wild animals. How will the Mr Men escape and find their way back home?

Adventure Under the Sea

Little Miss Dotty has bought a submarine, which is very fortunate, as Little Miss Sunshine is organising a trip to find the lost city of Atlantis! Will the Mr Men find the lost city and what other mysterious discoveries will they make under the sea?

Adventure in Space

When Mr Wrong gives his friends a tour of the Space Centre, he wrongly shows them inside a rocket going to Mars! How will the Mr Men cope with being part of Captain Strongarm’s space crew and will they find life on Mars?

Adventure in Magicland

Wilf the Wizard is taking Little Miss Magic and all her friends on a tour of Magicland. Join them as they encounter many magical delights and try to work out why the wicked witch is so cross!

Adventure with Superheroes

Mr Strong has become a superhero with his own secret hideout and gadgets galore, but what every good superhero needs is a sidekick. So Mr Strong asks his friends if they'd like to try out. But he soon realises that choosing a sidekick is hard work. Which Mr Men or Little Miss will have what it takes to make the perfect superhero sidekick?

The Mr Men and Little Miss Adventures take Roger Hargreaves' beloved and wonderfully illustrated characters, such as Mr Tickle, Mr Bump, Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine to unexplored and exotic locations full of exciting adventures. Join your favourite characters as they take a trip to Egypt, explore the deepest depths under the sea, and come face to face with dinosaurs! This 9 book set is perfect for children aged 3+, and make perfect books for bedtime stories.