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Mr Majeika & Mr Pattacake 24 Books Collection By Humphrey Carpenter & Stephanie Baudet - Ages 5-9 - Paperback

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SKU B2D0800-B2D0971 ISBN: 9789124368401
by Penguin
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Titles in This Set:

Mr Majeika 14 Books Collection:
  1. Mr Majeika
  2. Mr Majeika and the School Trip
  3. Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book
  4. Mr Majeika and the Ghost Train
  5. Mr Majeika and the Dinner Lady
  6. Mr Majeika and the School Caretaker
  7. Mr Majeika and the Music Teacher
  8. Mr Majeika and the Haunted Hotel
  9. Mr Majeika and the School Book Week
  10. Mr Majeika and the Internet
  11. Mr Majeika and the School Inspector
  12. Mr Majeika joins the Circus
  13. Mr Majeika the School Play
  14. Mr Majeika Vanishes
Mr Pattacake 10 Books Collection:
  1. Mr Pattacake and the Big Idea
  2. Mr Pattacake and the Dog's Dinner Disaster
  3. Mr Pattacake and the Great Cake Bake
  4. Mr Pattacake and the Kids' Cafe
  5. Mr Pattacake and the Medieval Feast
  6. Mr Pattacake and the Pirates
  7. Mr Pattacake and the Skiing Mystery
  8. Mr Pattacake and the Space Mission
  9. Mr Pattacake Goes to Buckingham Palace
  10. Mr Pattacake Joins the Circus

Mr Majeika 14 Books Collection:

Mr Majeika

Mr Majeika can behave just like any ordinary teacher if he wants to, but something has to be done about Hamish Bigmore, the class nuisance, and so he uses a little magic to turn him into a frog. And to everyone's delight, it looks as if Hamish will have to remain a frog because Mr Majeika can't remember the spell to turn him back again! With Mr Majeika in charge, suddenly life at school become much more exciting there's even a magic-carpet ride to Buckingham Palace!

Mr Majeika and the Dinner Lady
Mrs Chipchase, the nasty dinner lady, makes lunch hour at St Barty's really unpleasant. That is, for everyone but her 'favourite friend', Hamish Bigmore. Up to his usual tricks, Hamish is allowed to eat chocolate instead of ghastly school dinners! Mr Majeika decides it's time to sort out the menu..

Mr Majeika and the Ghost Train
When Class Three and Mr Majeika get on board a ghost train, they are in for a surprise. Real ghosts appear and the wicked Wilhemina Worlock isn't far away. But Jody comes to the rescue - with a dragon to help her!

Mr Majeika and the Haunted Hotel
'Oh, don't be cowards,' said Jody. 'I'm sure it's perfectly safe.'
Mysteriously stranded in the fog at night. Mr Majeika and Class Three find themselves in a creepy hotel near Hadrian's Wall, where some very spooky things start to happen. Strange lights, ghostly sounds and vanishing people..

Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book
Fun and magic combine as usual in this new Mr Majeika story. The pupils in Class 3 at St Barty's School are not impressed when their headteacher imposes strict rules of behaviour for Halloween. Mr Majeika uses a little magic to make the evening memorable but nasty Hamish Bigmore tells the local press and gets the wizard-teacher the sack. School without magic seems rather boring and Mr Majeika doesn't last long in the other jobs he tries. His long-time enemy, Wilhelmina Warlock is clearly behindall the trouble; she and the dreaded Hamish must be defeated before life can return to normal.

Mr Majeika and the Music Teacher
'Music teacher? What music teacher?' The sudden arrival of a new music teacher throws St barty's School into confusion. Mysterious smells start coming from the staffroom and creepy-crawlies appear out of nowhere. The new arrival is, of course, Wilhelmina Worlock, a wicked witch with some nasty tricks.It's up to Mr Majeika to try to outwit her...

Mr Majeika and the School Book Week
'Oh dear,' said Mr Majeika, 'I seem to have made the spell too strong.'
Class Three has fun during Book Week, when famous storybook characters suddenly appear! But there's trouble ahead with Wilhemina Worlock the witch at the school's Olympic Sports Day...Will Mr Majeika manage to magic up a solution?

Mr Majeika and the School Caretaker
When old Mr Jenks retires, St Barty's School advertises for a new caretaker. Unfortunately there's only one applicant - Hamish Bigmore's Uncle Wilf who is just as rude and bad-tempered as Hamish. When Mr Majeika is hurt in an accident it becomes clear that Uncle Wilf is working for the wickedest of witches, Wilhelmina Warlock! It's up to Mr Majeika to work his magic and put things right again.

Mr Majeika and the School Inspector
Poor Mr Majeika goes to the bottom of the class when the school inspector comes to call. Things don't get any easier when Mr Majeika turns himself into a lobster by mistake. Class Three somehow has to get Wilhemina Worlock to undo the spell...

Mr Majeika and the School Play
'I really am quite useless as a wizard.' But Class Three thinks Mr Majeika is an excellent wizard, particularly when his spells go wrong! First Hamish Bigmore ends up on TV, then a real giant appears in the school play. And finally Mr Majeika gets the whole class lost on a magic carpet! There's always an adventure with Mr Majeika around...

Mr Majeika and the School Trip
More amazing adventures with Mr Majeika, the ex-wizard, turned teacher, and his class at St Barty's School. This time there's a trip down a magic river, a battle to save St Barty's from the wrecking ball, and work experience for Class Three.

Mr Majeika Joins the Circus
When Class Three and Mr Majeika go to the circus, it's definitely not as fun as they imagined. Everyone's a bit old, creaky and rubbish really! So when Mr Majeika casts a small spell to help the performers with their circus show, it's no surprise that Billy Balance, the slack rope walker, kidnaps Mr Majeika so that Mr Majeika can magically help him everytime! Things get worse whilst Mr majeika is trapped when Wilhelmina Worlock takes the opportunity to turn Class Three's classroom into a circus and the children spend all afternoon running away from lions and alligators! But Mr Majeika's magic saves the day, Class Three and the circus end up on the news and once again Mr Potter, the headmaster, misses it all!

Mr Majeika on the Internet
Class Three has got a new computer and while exploring it, Mr Majeika manages to get the whole class trapped in the school website. Many adventures follow and Class Three meet bizarre characters before they can get out.

Mr Majeika Vanishes
Class 3 are sure that something is very wrong when Mr Majeika leaves school without saying goodbye. When they find a message from him saying he's been arrested by the Silly Crime Squad, they are determined to rescue him. To do this they must outwit Hamish Bigmore and Mr Majeika's old enemy, Wilhelmina Worlock. They succeed and Wilhelmina is punished with a 'spell' on earth as a Supply Teacher!

Mr Pattacake: The Complete Collection
With a pinch of misfortune, a dash of adventure and a dollop of comedy, the book promises to give you all the ingredients of an amazing story!

Mr Pattacake and the Big Idea is a delightful children's book in the Mr Pattacake series written by Stephanie Baudet. In this book, Mr Pattacake discovers an old recipe book belonging to his grandfather, which inspires him to create his own unique dessert. He enlists the help of his friends to gather ingredients and experiment with new flavours, leading to the creation of a delicious and innovative treat. The book emphasizes the importance of creativity, teamwork, and trying new things, making it a fun and educational read for children. As with all books in the series, a recipe for the dessert featured in the story is included.

Mr Pattacake and the Medieval Feast follows Mr Pattacake as he travels back in time to the medieval era, where he is tasked with creating a feast fit for a king. With the help of his cat Treacle and some friendly medieval villagers, Mr Pattacake bakes an assortment of delicious treats, including a towering cake, meat pies, and a fruity cordial. The book is a fun and educational way to introduce children to medieval history and cuisine, and as with all books in the series, a recipe for one of the featured treats is included.

Mr Pattacake and the Space Mission sees Mr Pattacake and his friends blast off into space on a mission to create a dessert that can be enjoyed in zero gravity. Using their knowledge of science and baking, the group makes a delicious cake that is out of this world. The book is a fun and educational way to introduce children to space exploration and the science behind baking. As with all books in the series, a recipe for the featured dessert is included, allowing children to try their hand at creating their own space-themed treats.

Mr Pattacake Goes to Buckingham Palace follows Mr Pattacake as he is invited to bake a cake for the Queen's birthday celebration at Buckingham Palace. Along with his trusty cat Treacle, Mr Pattacake travels to London and is given a tour of the palace before getting to work in the kitchen. With the help of the royal chefs and some unusual ingredients, Mr Pattacake creates a spectacular cake fit for a queen. The book is a fun and educational way to introduce children to the traditions and history of the British royal family, and as with all books in the series, a recipe for the featured cake is included. The beautifully illustrated book captures the grandeur of Buckingham Palace and the excitement of being involved in a royal celebration, making it a must-read for any young fan of baking and history.

Mr Pattacake is a delightful children's book series written by Stephanie Baudet, which follows the adventures of a pastry chef named Mr Pattacake, who loves nothing more than baking and creating delicious treats. The series consists of over 20 books and is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 7.

The books are beautifully illustrated and capture the imagination of young readers, taking them on a culinary journey through the world of baking. Each book is set in a different location and features Mr Pattacake baking a unique dessert or pastry using local ingredients and traditional techniques.

The characters in the books are also very charming and add to the series' appeal. Mr Pattacake is a lovable protagonist who is passionate about baking and always eager to share his knowledge with others. His cat, Treacle, is also a recurring character who provides comedic relief and helps Mr Pattacake solve problems along the way.

One of the great things about the Mr Pattacake series is that it inspires children to read and encourages them to get involved in baking and cooking. Each book includes a recipe for the dessert or pastry featured in the story, and children can follow along with Mr Pattacake's instructions to create their own delicious treats. This hands-on approach to learning is an excellent way to get children excited about cooking and baking while also improving their literacy and math skills.

Another standout feature of the Mr Pattacake series is its emphasis on healthy eating. While the desserts and pastries featured in the books are undoubtedly delicious, Mr Pattacake also emphasizes the importance of eating a balanced diet and including fruits and vegetables in every meal. This message is conveyed in a fun and engaging way, helping children understand the importance of healthy eating habits.


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