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Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu 10 Books box Gift set Collection with Figure - Ages 5-7 - Paperback

SKU: B2D0737 ISBN: 9780241287002
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LEGO Ninjago has sneaked up to become one of the most popular LEGO brands around and this 10-book collection is packed with facts about the characters from the range. Full of facts about the heroes, enemies and their battles, each of these books comes in hardback format and will delight a Ninjago fan. There are even books dedicated to the ninjas' fights against sky pirates, skeletons and Master Chen. The collection comes with an exclusive Green Ninja ZX Minifigure (LIMITED EDITION) making it even more of a must-have for Master Builders. INCLUDES TEN INCREDIBLE BOOKS Join the ninja on their journey to unlock their true potential! Discover their awesome allies, fiendish foes and brave battles.  

Contains Ten Lego Ninjago Books and Limited Edition Minifigure!!

Titles in this set:

Lego Ninjago- Ninja Battles

Lego Ninjago- Ninja Enemies

Lego Ninjago- Ninja Heroes

Lego Ninjago- Ninja vs. Ghost Ninja

Lego Ninjago- Ninja vs. Master Chen

Lego Ninjago- Ninja vs. Serpentine

Lego Ninjago- Ninja vs. Skeletons

Lego Ninjago- Ninja vs. Sky Pirates

Lego Ninjago- Ninja vs. The Overlord

Lego Ninjago- Path of a Ninja