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Ladybird Read It Yourself Collection 50 Books - Ages 5-7 - Paperback

SKU: B2D0199 ISBN: 9783200327818
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Fantastic for young readers ages 5-7 who are seeking to develop their reading skills, containing a list of classics! Browse our home learning category for more useful sets that are great for self reading at home. 

This amazing collection consists of some of the greatest children tales like The Ugly Duckling, this story tells the story of a mother duck which lays six eggs. Five of these eggs that are hatched are round yellow little ducklings, but with the final sixth egg, a different and very unique duckling surfaces from within the egg. This awkward duckling is neglected and rejected from the other five ducklings, and so the ugly duckling sets off on his own adventure to find a place he can call home. Upon his journey, a flock of beautiful flying birds soars across the skies and despite the sighs uttered from the ugly duckling, to his surprise the birds lands right next to ugly duckling and asks who he is. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is another classic told through the generations, in this tale it follows a girl called Goldilocks as she goes for a walk in the forest and on her adventure, she encounters a house. Goldilocks was curious, she then sneaks into the house and finds herself 3 bowls of porridge, she tries to taste each of these bowls, with the first one being very hot, the second one too cold and the third one being just the perfect temperature and so Goldilocks gobbles it all up. She also sees 3 chairs all in different sizes, one being too hard and uncomfortable, one being too soft and the last one being the perfect one to sit and so Goldilocks sits on it but breaks it! Goldilocks continues to explore the house finding various furniture and items in different sizes, then eventually the owners of the house arrive - 3 bears, Papa, Mama and Little Baby Bear. 

You will also find the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood, a story which became many peoples favourite childhood tale. In this story, it dives into the concept of the fight between good and evil, a story about greed and hopes and dreams, a story about holding responsibilities as well as given second chances. This story is about Red Riding Hood with a red cape, this fairytale is very old yet the tale can be interpreted in lots of different ways. Red Riding Hood was given the nickname because of her love for the gift given to her, a red hood given by her grandmother. One day, Red Riding Hood was told that her grandmother had fallen ill in her house, deep within the forest. Red Riding Hood is given a basket of food by her mother and so she sets off on a journey to visit her grandmother with the basket of food, what came next was a series of unfortunate events which involved a deceptive and deceitful wolf. 

In The Sly Fox and the Red Hen, this book is tastefully written and illustrated, and will surely be a favourite story told among children. A hungry fox tries to grab and eat clever little red hen, and the clever red hen does her best to escape from the claws of the sly fox. The Enormous Turnip is a sweet story about teamwork and support from family and friends. In this story, an old grandfather who is a farmer of turnips has done some garden work. He had planted a turnip and worked tirelessly to help it grow day by day. Eventually, the turnip became massive and healthy, and timing was perfect to harvest, however the grandfather struggled in his efforts to pull the turnip up from the ground. Therefore, he asks his wife to help him pull the turnip up, still the turnip doesn’t budge and so they asked for help from their granddaughter. The turnip is still too big and heavy to pull with 3 people, they ask for more help and one by one came including their family’s dog, cat and lastly a small mouse. To their shock, the turnip was able to be lifted up from the ground up with the extra help and strength of the tiny mouse! This sweet story teaches children a lesson that it is the combination of every little effort from everyone’s contribution that a task is able to be completed with success, even the smallest help that may seem frivolous at first can ultimately mean if the job will be successful in the end. 

Other titles included in this collection are Pirate School, Rumpelstiltskin, The Gingerbread Man, Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Aladdin, Ancient and Imperial China and The Princess and The Frog to name a few. 

This amazing 50-book collection isn't just incredible value, it is sure to offer your child an array of stories perfectly suited to their developing reading level and, in turn, help them grow into avid young bookworms too!

With fun puzzles and questions to gently test children, this comprehensive collection covers the Ladybird Read It Yourself Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and can be enjoyed by children aged from 4 right the way up to 7 years old.