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Julia Donaldson Story Collection 10 Books In Blue Bag - Paperback - Age 5-7

SKU: B2D2744 ISBN: 9781509801251
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Perfect for children ages 5-7 and fans of picture books!

Titles In This Set

  • The Gruffalo
  • The Gruffalo's Child
  • The Snail and the Whale
  • Room on the Broom
  • Monkey Puzzle
  • Cave Baby
  • The Paper Dolls
  • What the Ladybird Heard
  • The Troll
  • Tyrannosaurus Drip

Included among this marvelous collection is The Grufallo, despite being a monster, Gruffalo is not the mean or scary type in fact quite the opposite. The Gruffalo is much loved among children around the world and since its first appearance in 1999 has been a fan favourite! The story is award winning and truly a gem, the story has captured the hearts of children and adults which showcases Gruffalo and his first meeting with a little brown mouse in the deep forest. Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler are truly a remarkable team, perfect writing and illustration in the world of picture book publishing. The Gruffalo has gifted us in the modern era a true contemporary classic, both of the characters Gruffalo and Mouse have treated us in this generation a wonderful kind of story to bring parents and children together. The origin and idea sparked when Donaldson read a Chinese tale about a smart girl who scared off a fearsome and hungry tiger by acting and pretending to be the Queen of the Jungle. Did you know that The Gruffalo was carefully designed with purpose so that words and names match nicely together, Gruffalo, toes, noes, black, back. The Gruffalo has proved a success and favourite around the world, having been translated into over 50 languages and even won several awards like the Nestle Smarties Prize and in 2009 was voted as the most favourite bedtime story in the UK. 

The Snail and the Whale, perhaps an unlikely friendship but this story proves friendship has no boundaries. An ordinary looking snail, yet she has huge dreams of travelling the world, and so she forms a sweet companionship with a giant friendly whale. In Room on the Broom, a witch is flying over the sky with her cat on their broomstick, then when a strong gust of wind blows over the witch’s hat, a neighborly dog helps save the hat and since the witch was so grateful she invited the dog onto the broom to tag along with her journey. However the clumsy witch keeps on losing her belongings, each time a courteous individual comes and saves it and is invited to sit on the witch’s broom, the broom carries more and more, it gets heavier and the space is growing smaller. 

Monkey Puzzle tells an adventure story of Monkey who is trying to find his Mother. Poor Monkey is lost inside a busy jungle and is desperately trying to find his Mum, Monkey then finds some luck when he forms a friendship team with Butterfly. As they seek out Monkey’s Mum, they encounter all sorts of problems, they keep locating the wrong animals, their journey is long but finally they’re able to find Monkey’s Father! His Dad tells Monkey where Mum is and how she is eagerly waiting for a big and warm cuddle. Each page and scene is superbly and charmingly illustrated and children will surely be drawn into each part of the tale. The illustrator Axel has stated that this book is a little unique compared to other books Donaldson and himself has worked on in the past, each page on this book is a double spread stretching the artwork across on both pages, the jungle with all the plants, flowers and vegetation are tastefully done. Cave Baby like many babies are full of energy, spirit and vitality. Cave Baby likes having fun but he can only keep himself amused because his Mummy and Daddy are just too busy to entertain him. Cave Baby is mischievous and rowdy, he wants to play but he is warned that naughty kids will get disciplined by a Mammoth. Sooner or later, Cave Baby actually faces the Mammoth...but surprisingly Cave Baby and Mammoth form a strong bond and friendship, both of which likes to have fun and play together! The story and illustrations combined with the rhyming words will surely melt the hearts of children and parents alike, especially for those who have a playful and energetic personality at heart!