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Jeanne Willis Whos in the Loo 6 Picture Books Colletcion - Paperback - Age 0-5

SKU: B2D3347 ISBN: 9789124106560
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Titles in this Set:
  1. Mine's Bigger than Yours!
  2. The Pets You Get!
  3. I'm Sure I Saw a Dinosaur
  4. Ready, Steady, Jump!
  5. That's Not Funny!
  6. Who's in the Loo?
Mine's Bigger than Yours!
Little Hairy Monster is sitting on a rock licking a lollipop, when along comes Scary Monster. "I'm bigger than you!" says Scary Monster.

The Pets You Get!
A small boy imagines all the wild pets he could get, from an enormous bear to a fiery dragon! He decides they'd be so much better than his sister's boring little guinea pig.

I'm Sure I Saw a Dinosaur
But there's more to this story than meets the eye. Can there really be a dinosaur at Sandy Bottom End? Or is someone up to something...

Ready, Steady, Jump!
When the other baby animals laugh at Elephant for not being able to jump, he sets out to prove them wrong.

That's Not Funny!
One day, just for a joke, Hyena puts a banana skin on Giraffe's path. When Giraffe slips and collides with a tree, a chain of unfortunate events begins which involves all the other animals.

Who's in the Loo?
If your house has many occupants, then this witty rhyme from the irreverent and observant pen of Jeanne Willis will resonate profoundly.