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Horrible Science Bulging Box 20 Book Collection by Nick Arnold - Ages 9-14 - Paperback

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SKU B2D0073 ISBN: 9781407110356
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The sensational follow-up to Horrible Histories from Scholastic. If you think science is boring, you’re dead wrong. Horrible Science lets you in on all the most gruesome secrets, and is ideal for readers aged 7 and up. These books will tell you about exploding eyeballs, slimy slugs, and killer energy, and demonstrate why science is so exciting. Packed with fact files, quizzes and cartoons, and great experiments you can do at home, dare you discover Horrible Science?

Author Nick Arnold and illustrator Tony de Saulles have been making Horrible Science books together for 25 years. They cover all the most disgusting bits of biology, chemistry, and physics they can find, and this box set is a full curriculum of their work. From Bulging Brains to Fatal Forces, Ugly Bugs to The Terrible Truth About Time, you’ll find out all the most embarrassing bits of science your teacher doesn’t want to tell you about!

The Horrible Science series has been continuously published since 1996. In 2013, the book House of Horrors won the Blue Peter Prize for Best Book With Facts. Nick Arnold is the lead author of the Horrible Science books, starting from the very first, Ugly Bugs. A former editor, in 2004, he became the first British writer to tour China. Tony De Saulles is the illustrator of the Horrible Science and Bee Boy series, and regularly hosts cartooning workshops up and down the country.

This great value collection celebrates the first decade of Horrible Science, featuring twenty books originally published between 1996 and 2006. Also included is a collectible box, perfect for storing and displaying the series.

From the publisher
Twenty titles from the best-selling series, presented in a bulging boxed set. Features all the best-selling Horrible Science titles from A-Z – well from Blood, Bones and Body Bits to Vicious Veg!

Title In This Set:

1. Angry Animals
2. Blood, Bones and Body Bits
3. Bulging Brains
4. Chemical Chaos
5. Deadly Diseases
6. Disgusting Digestion
7. Evolve or Die
8. Fatal Forces
9. Frightening Light
10. Killer Energy
11. Microscopic Monsters
12. Nasty Nature
13. Painful Poison
14. Shocking Electricity
15. Sounds Dreadful
16. Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens
17. The Fight for Flight
18. The Terrible Truth About Time
19. Ugly Bugs
20. Vicious Veg


Angry Animals
Take a walk on the wild side with Angry Animals. Get to grips with gruesome grizzly bears; wolf down some facts about, er, wolves … and snap up some savage shark stories – if you dare!

Blood, Bones and Body Bits
A bone-chilling book of bodies to make kids squeal! Peek inside to discover all the squishy secrets of your body – including the nasty bits nobody wanted to tell you! 

Bulging Brains
It looks like a huge grey bogey or something you’d step in by mistake – but your incredible brain holds all your knowledge, dreams and feelings. Find out how it works (and what it smells like) here!

Chemical Chaos
Chemistry can cause chaos in your brain. Even teachers know it! But let’s forget the fiendish formulas for now, and take a look at the nasty bits you REALLY want to know about – the nasty bubbling green mixtures, the vile and poisonous potions, the horrible smells, bangs and blasts.

Deadly Diseases
The book that coughs up all the disgusting details of the squelchiest sicknesses that mankind has suffered through: Deadly Diseases. From the cruel common cold to shocking smallpox, see what happens when your body is attacked by germs! 

Disgusting Digestion
It’s stinky. It’s smelly. It’s gooey and disgusting. Yes – if you can stomach the sick side of science, then take an icky look inside your stomach! Well, into your icky squishy innards, that is, where we’ll be dishing the dirt on your digestive system and all the other bits that are much too rude to mention here. 

Evolve or Die
In this book, you’ll meet some revolting relatives you never knew you had – the slimy life forms that crawled out of the primordial sludge of the Earth’s ancient seas! We can trace all living things on earth back to those squishy creatures – but why are we still here when other creatures have vanished forever? 

Fatal Forces
Physics can be fatally tough, but this book will make you laugh – and learn! It’s stuffed with foul facts and sickening stories, like how gravity can make you lose your head, what makes your fillings explode, and how to hit Terminal Velocity. Eeek!!

Frightening Light
Light! It’s blindingly obvious! It’s just sunshine and the light-bulb in your living room. Isn’t it? Um… no. Because the science of light is full of sizzling, squishy, horrid facts that you’re still in the dark about. Some of it’s light-hearted fun – and some of it will scare the living daylights out of you! 

Killer Energy
It makes stars shine and bonfires burn. What could it be? It’s killer energy! Find out why space loos spray out frozen pee, how Galileo’s great discoveries were saved by a sausage, and how killer energy will end the universe. It’s killer stuff!

Microscopic Monsters
When the first daring discoverers looked through a microscope, they discovered a world of life-forms unknown to science – the terribly teeny microscopic world. A place of violence and sudden death! A place of beastly swarming bacteria! A place of mini monsters!

Nasty Nature
Some creatures are small and cute and fluffy. Some are cold and slimy with gigantic venomous teeth. Which would you rather read about? Tip: if it’s the first lot, don’t read Nasty Nature – because all the animals in here are deadly and disgusting and very nasty indeed! Erk!

Painful Poison
Are you ready for a deadly dose of excitement? Painful Poison will petrify you! It’s bubbling with killer substances that are strictly NOT for the nervous – and will have all kinds of evil effects on you. Vicious, venomous beasties. Scary snakes. Cruel chemicals. Gruesome gases. You’ll need guts to take it in!

Shocking Electricity
Horrible Science: Shocking Electricity is packed with sizzling zap-filled facts to electrify every reader. Children can find out about the scientist who gave electric shocks to his eyeballs, that lightning can strike you with heat five times hotter than the sun and much more besides!

Sounds Dreadful
Find out all about shocking soundwaves, rumbling resonance and sonic booms. From sonic sound guns that leave people dashing to the loo to the nasty noises of the wildest wild animals, it all sounds dreadfully exciting!!

Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens
A space-hopping book of stunning science. Learn what the moon smells like! Discover which astronomers killed people! Find out why space makes your guts explode! Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens will catapult you over the moon!

The Fight for Flight
Humans aren’t designed to fly. That’s why the first people to try it came to a very sticky end! But after centuries of death-defying stunts, blood-curdling blunders and fearsome flops, people have finally taken to the skies! A book stuffed with hair-raising heights, dizzying drops, terror, tears, triumphs – and squishy bits. It’s fearsome fun! Just don’t forget your parachute!

The Terrible Truth About Time
Want some really horrible science? It’s about time! Go time-travelling with this icky book and discover all the terrible time facts you’ve been waiting ages to find out. What happens if you go too close to a black hole? How do flies tell the time? Why do the years zoom past faster as you get older? Check out your chances of a time-travel trip (but don’t forget your sick bag!) The Terrible Truth about Time will get your ticker racing!

Ugly Bugs
Ugly Bugs. You don’t have to go very far to find them. Pick up any stone, look into any corner, and a hideous creepy-crawly thing is bound to squirm out! Huge hairy spiders! Wriggly centipedes! Slimy slugs and snails! Most frail folk will scream and run away. But if you’re brave and intrepid enough to look closer, lift up the stone on the creepy-crawly world of insects, and get ready to say ‘ulp’ at all the nasty bits. It’s ugly bugs vs. horrible humans – but who wins?

Vicious Veg
Vegetables. They’re green. They’re gross. They’re grotty. They make you feel queasy. But do you know all there is to discover about vile vegetables and other types of vicious vegetation? Read on for some foul facts that’ll really make you sick! The whole vile truth about vicious, violent, villainous veg. It’s bloomin’ amazing – if you can stomach it!


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