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Horrible Histories 4 Books Collection - Age 7+ - Paperback by Terry Deary

SKU: B2D3089 ISBN: 9781407135762
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Titles in this set:

  • Awful Egyptians
  • Rotten Romans
  • Terrifying Tudors
  • Measly Middle Ages

Featuring Awful Egyptians, Terrifying Tudors, Measly Middle Ages and Rotten Romans, these new titles in the bestselling Horrible Histories series are specially designed for younger readers who enjoy foul facts and funny anecdotes. Accessible to children aged 7+, the bold new look and rat characters that hilariously guide each book make the information exciting to read while the brilliantly gory facts mean children are likely to retain much of what they pick up. So discover why chickens used to have their bottoms shaved, what Roman soldiers wore under their kilts, why people worshipped dung beetles and who invited Queen Elizabeth I to see a brand-new toilet, with this Horrible Histories collection that will inspire a whole new generation of Terry Deary fans.