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Horrible Geography Collection 12 Book Box Set By Anita Ganeri - Ages 9-14 - Paperback

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From the publishers who brought you Horrible Histories and Horrible Science, leave the colouring pencils at home, as we take a trip through some Horrible Geography. This award-winning series is written by Royal Geographical Society member Anita Ganeri, and illustrated by Mike Phillips (Horrible Histories: Gruesome Guides). For over twenty years Horrible Geography has taken the boring out of geological surveys, the dull out of drafting a map, and tedium out of tide tables.

Horrible Geography will have you laughing out loud as you learn a thing or two at the same time. Packed with hilarious illustrations and great facts that will have you rushing to share them with others, this is the book to help you laugh at the world around you. Whether you want to find out about far-flung places, or a little more about your own patch, Horrible Geography drops facts as quickly as jokes. This fantastic series of books brings geography to life, while quizzes, puzzles and activities keep boredom at bay.

This twelve book set features some of the best books in the series, from Odious Oceans to Cracking Coasts. Each is written by prolific children’s non-fiction author Anita Ganeri, and illustrated by the hilarious Mike Phillips. It’s the perfect set to support your child’s learning, and for children who haven’t previously gotten on with the subject. If you’re after more books that will make you laugh while you learn, check out the Murderous Maths series by Kjartan Poskitt.


Titles in this set:

  • Odious Oceans
  • Stormy Weather
  • Violent Volcanoes
  • Desperate Deserts
  • Earth-Shattering Earthquakes
  • Raging Rivers
  • Bloomin' Rainforests
  • Freaky Peaks
  • Perishing Poles
  • Wild Islands
  • Monster Lakes
  • Cracking Coasts


From the publisher

Filled with hilarious illustrations by Mike Phillips, Horrible Geography is the perfect escapism from miserable maps, rotten rock piles and dire diagrams. It’s geography with the gritty bits left in!


Odious Oceans

Get your swim-suit ready, because we’re off to the beach! Well, nearly… we’re diving into the odious ocean for a thrill-packed dip. Freak out as you set sail on the Titanic’s final day! Take the test and see if you’re nautical enough to join the Navy! Shudder at the ships which mysteriously vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. And tremble at the mean modern-day pirates who still terrorize the high seas! There’s fun ahoy!


Stormy Weather

Read about the frozen turtles falling out of the sky, the man struck by lightning seven times who survived, the weather-watchers flying straight into the eye of a hurricane. Or read the weather safety manual, learn how to build a storm shelter or pick up survival tips on a tornado tour.


Violent Volcanoes

Read the terrifying diaries of volcano survivors, get clued up with the spotter’s guide to eruptions, plan an action-packed holiday with the volcano vacation guide and marvel at red-hot volcanic rocks the size of cars. It’s sizzling hot stuff!


Desperate Deserts

Geography with the gritty bits left in! Where in the world can you: Spot sand dunes that bury whole villages? Discover some deadly desert wildlife? Follow in the footsteps of daring desert explorers?


Earth-Shattering Earthquakes

Evil earthquakes that bury whole towns and shake the world's greatest cities to bits. It's your turn to be shaken up as you see how they work! Find out how to predict earthquakes, how scientists prepare for them.. and what really goes on under the Earth's crust when an earthquake hits. Hold tight!


Raging Rivers

Over rapids and waterfalls, from ice-caps to oceans, Raging Rivers will sweep you away! Discover the weird and wonderful creatures lurking below the river’s surface, from the Amazon’s crushing anaconda snake and naughty nibbling piranhas to the electric eels that will give you a nasty shock! Snigger as you sneak a peek at the river’s sandy bottom! Swim for your life as you reach the edge of the awesome Victoria Falls! Grimace at the grotty Yellow River of China, a place where having a wash will cover you in mud!


Bloomin' Rainforests

Discover where in the world you can hide from vicious vampire bats, spot spiders the size of dinner plates and peer down the tallest trees on the planet. Are you ready to explore the world’s jungliest jungles and climb their tallest trees, smell their stinkiest plants and meet their hairiest insects?


Freaky Peaks

Freaky Peaks takes the intrepid young explorer on a thrilling tour of the tallest mountains - from Everest to Kilimanjaro - encountering many dangers along the way, including glaciers, yetis, and avalanches. 


Perishing Poles

The intrepid explorer can take a trip to the freezing-cold ends of the Earth in the latest Horrible Geography Handbook. This is the ultimate survival guide filled with tips on everything from how to handle a peckish polar bear to how to have a pee without getting frostbite - this is geography at its most horrible.


Wild Islands

Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons as you are cast away on the far-flung shores of Wild Islands... · Marvel! as a brand-new island pops up from the sea. · Gasp! at the hot-tempered island that blew its top. · Choke! on the smell of an island dragon's foul breath. And if that's not wild enough for you … discover where to find coconuts with magical powers, try to crack the case of the missing island and read the remarkable story of a real life Robinson Crusoe. It's earth-shatteringly exciting! Geography has never been so horrible!


Monster Lakes

Dried out by dusty lessons? Dive into Monster Lakes. Explore a volcanic crater lake! Meet scuba-diving spiders! Hunt monsters from the deep! Plunge into this book to get the flabbergasting facts on how different lakes are formed – from volcanoes, plate movement, glaciers or wandering rivers. Discover weird lake wildlife, join some intrepid lake explorers of the past and present, and take a look for Nessie in the dark depths of a loch! Geography shouldn’t grind you down… and with this book, it’s really refreshing!


Cracking Coasts

Wave goodbye to your dusty classroom and head for the cracking coast! Scream as you surf huge breakers! Dive to eerie drowned cities! Shudder at the spooky Skeleton Coast! And if that’s not cracking enough for you, visit the eerie lighthouse where the lights suddenly go out…