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Hannibal Lecter by Thomas Harris: Book 1-4 Collection Set - Fiction - Paperback

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Hannibal Lecter series 

Since the publication of the first book in the series, Red Dragon, Hannibal Lecter has become a well-known figure in horror. Red Dragon was first published in 1981 then followed by Silence of the Lambs in 1988, Hannibal in 1999 and Hannibal Rising in 2006. The character Hannibal Lecter has become a household name with a cult following alongside many other horror villains. These books are dark and are not for the faint of heart. Graphic from the start you will be following the protagonist as they try to solve the crimes with Hannibal Lecter waiting in the wings. 

Bestselling author Thomas Harris presents the spine-tingling Hannibal Lecter series in this 4 book collection. Follow the story of Hannibal Lecter, a sinister cannibal serial killer who committed unspeakable crimes. This gripping collection is aimed at readers who like horror and thriller novels, also perfect for fans of the popular movie and TV adaptations. The set includes not only the three main Hannibal Lecter books, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal but it also includes the prequel, Hannibal Rising, where you can discover what caused Hannibal to turn against humanity. 

Famous Adaptations 

The Hannibal Lecter franchise has provided us with some of the most iconic lines in modern culture. The books have all been made into a film, most notably 1991 Silence of the Lambs starring Anthony Hopkins as the unforgettable Hannibal Lecter and Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling. Since the success of the film, adaptations of the other three in the series have been made into films, with Ralph Fiennes as the cruel Francis Dolarhyde, also known as The Red Dragon. More recently, the TV series was made based on the four books, starring Mads Mikkelson as Dr Lecter and Hugh Dancy as Will Graham which ran from 2013 up until 2015. If you have watched either the films or the TV adaptation, you are going to love the books as they are where it all started. 

Thomas Harris 

Thomas Harris is an American novelist, he was a reporter and journalist for his local paper in Waco, Texas before moving to New York. His first novel, Black Sunday, was published in 1975 which went on to receive moderate attention when it was released. However, his next book, Red Dragon, is what kick-started his career and where the evil Hannibal Lecter was born alongside an array of other notorious killers and troubled FBI agents. 

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Titles in This Set:

  1. Red Dragon
  2. Silence Of The Lambs
  3. Hannibal
  4. Hannibal Rising

Red Dragon

When FBI agent Jack Crawford finds himself struggling to solve a disturbing family massacre he turns for help from former FBI agent Will Graham. Renowned for being an excellent criminal profiler and famous for catching the infamous Hannibal Lecter, Will sounds like the perfect man for the job, but the scars left by Lecter’s investigation are having an effect on him and he’s unsure he can cope with another high-profile and brutal case. The murderer in question has been labelled ‘The Tooth Fairy’ by the media due to his tendency to bite his victims. He is an extremely violent and sinister killer who is unpredictable and so far untraceable. In order to find him, Will must first try to understand his mind, as he did with Dr Lecter. 

Silence Of The Lambs

FBI trainee Clarice Starling is tasked with speaking to the infamous serial killer and cannibal Dr Hannibal Lecter. Soon after meeting him at the hospital for the criminally insane, where he is being held, he offers her an insight into the mind of the deadly killer that is plaguing the area. The killer has been named Buffalo Bill by the media and is specifically targeting young women, Lecter knows more than he's letting on and he’s willing to help Clarice, but there’s a catch, she must share personal details about her life with the psychopathic doctor, quid pro quo Clarice. The FBI needs Lecter's information to catch Buffalo Bill but at what cost? 


Seven years have passed since Dr Hannibal Lecter escaped from custody and seven years since FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling interviewed him for the first time in a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane. The doctor is still at large, but Starling has never forgotten him and is determined to be the one to catch him again. However, Clarice has been suspended following an FBI shootout gone wrong. Meanwhile, Lecter is living in Florence and is working as a therapist under a different name. He is about to meet his match in a man named Mason Verger, who has been referred to Lecter as his new patient. 

Hannibal Rising

Set before Red Dragon, Hannibal Rising opens on the Eastern Front with a young Hannibal and his little sister Mischa. He seems utterly alone, but he has brought his demons with him. Hannibal's uncle, a noted painter, finds him in a Soviet orphanage and brings him to France, where Hannibal will live with his uncle and his uncle's beautiful wife, Lady Murasaki. Lady Murasaki helps Hannibal to heal. With her help he flourishes, becoming the youngest person ever admitted to medical school in France. But Hannibal's demons visit him and torment him throughout the novel. When he is old enough, he visits them in turn. He discovers he has gifts beyond the academic, and in that epiphany, Hannibal Lecter becomes death's prodigy and the horrific figure we know today.