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Frankies Magic Football Top Of The League 20 Books Box Set - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Frank Lampard

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The Frankie’s Magic Football Top of the League 20 Book Set i is great for children who love football and want to achieve success in the world of sports, ideal for ages 7-9

Frank Lampard was inspired by his experiences playing with his team mates, the characters that were included in his books were in some way adapted from his career playing with his teammates and will be recognised if you have been closely following his career. Frank Lampard, a professional football player for Chelsea FC and England and has built a great reputation in the world of football. But focussing on his life outside of his career, Lampard has two daughters which he reads to and due to this Lampard's work: Frankie’s Magic Soccer Ball series was inspired by all the tales that he reads to his daughters. 

Frank Lampard is a footballer, father and author of the 'Frankie's Magic Football' series!

To date, Frank remains Chelsea Football Club's all-time leading goal scorer, where he was awarded three times Chelsea Player of the Year. In 2014 Frank was the vice captain on the England football squad at the World Cup in Brazil, and then went on to play for Manchester City in 2014 in the UK before signing with New York City FC to play as part of the Major League Soccer side, starting July 2015. Frank was awarded an OBE in the 2015 Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to football.

Frank enjoys reading with his two daughters, and when they requested stories about football Frank decided to create his own characters and adventures to entertain them. These tales provided the inspiration for 'Frankie's Magic Football'. Frank is passionate about promoting child literacy and is an ambassador of the National Literacy Trust; he hopes to inspire both young girls and boys to read with the 'Frankie's Magic Football' series.

Lampard is now gracing us with his long years of experience in Football and his storytelling skills, Lampard is a passionate football player as well as an ardent supporter of children literacy. He’s also an ambassador of the National Literacy Trust and with his work will bring both laughter and will for kids to aspire for a bright future in football. Did you know that Frank Lampard has authored a total of 18 children’s books and of which the most popular is the Frankie series. Frank Lampard used to be called Fat Frank due to him being a healthy child, which later on changed into Super Frank which was much more suitable for his feats. Lampard was a very studious child and worked very hard to achieve good grades in school, he is truly a great role model for children around the world in both school and life role aspirations. 

Despite having strong connections with family from the football industry, there were many people that tried to discourage Lampard from achieving his dreams and even some saying he had no talent and only reached this far due to having family from the football industry. Yet despite these hardships, Lampard proved to everybody that he will become a successful player with his skills and hard work. 

Titles in This Set:

  • Game Over
  • Summer Holiday Show Down
  • The Elf Express
  • Olympic Flame Chase
  • The Great Santa Race
  • Mammoth Mayhem
  • Deep Sea Dive
  • Team T.REX
  • Meteor Madness
  • The Grizzly Games
  • Frankie's Kangaroo Caper
  • Frankie's New York Adventure
  • Frankie Saves Christmas
  • Frankie and the Dragon Curse
  • Frankie and the World Cup Carnival
  • Frankie vs The Knight's Nasties
  • Frankie vs The Mummy's Menace
  • Frankie vs The Cowboy's Crew
  • Frankie vs The Rowdy Romans
  • Frankie vs The Pirate Pillagers

Frankie’s Magic Football Top of The League set is great for children who love football and want to achieve success in the world of sports, ideal for ages 7-9 but love to read all about the magic of football. This jam-packed 20 book set will help your child improve their football skills. This epic 20-book set is really going to give your kids a fun approach to reading, focusing on a topic they are really interested in, giving your child everything you need for hours of enjoyment. The top-rated bookset complete with five-star action has been authored by the legendary Frank Lampard who football fans will know all too well from the screen, as one of the world’s most famous stars in football history. You can guarantee that when your child practices their free-kicks after being inspired by this bookset, they will look and feel like they are practising with the world’s best players!

Kids love football and want to learn from the best. So if you’re after some football inspiration at home, check out our amazing Frankie’s Magic Football Set! 

This impressive set gives readers a first account of what it’s like to play football from the legend that is Frank Lampard. From screen to page, they’ll follow him through 20 books which see him tackle one challenge after another. Great for reluctant readers that are ready to transition into more chapter books, these stories include detailed illustrations to bring each book to life. They’ll be transported to the desert, celebrating at the world cup and even fighting off pirates in these fun-filled books. Each one has an action-packed plot which makes them a pleasure to read and can be a great way to encourage your child to read for longer periods of time, on a daily basis. They’ll absolutely love having something fun to read, so if your child is a football-fanatic, the Frankie's Magic Football 20 book set is a must-have!