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Fantastic Childrens Classic 10 Books Collection - Ages 9-14 - Paperback

SKU: B2D1754 ISBN: 9781789501261
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Titles in This Set:-

  1. The Secret Garden
  2. Black Beauty
  3. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
  4. Treasure Island
  5. The Call of the Wild
  6. Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
  7. The Jungle Book
  8. The Wind in the Willows
  9. Anne of Green Gables
  10. Robin Hood

This beautiful box set of ten classics is a must-have for any child's bookshelf - a wonderful introduction to the best-loved characters in children's literature. It contains quality paperback editions of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Treasure Island, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Wind in the Willows, Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, Robin Hood, The Secret Garden and The Call of the Wild. Each book is something to be cherished and enjoyed.

There is also a fold-out interactive wall chart, illustrated by Lizzie Doyle, with questions to answer about each book and illustrations of key story elements.