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Erica Spindler 4 Books set - Adult - Paperback

SKU: B2D0501 ISBN: 9780263998641
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Titles in this set:

  • Dead Run
  • Copy Cat
  • Shocking Pink
  • In Silence

Dead Run

When Liz Ames gets a panicked message from her sister she immediately heads to Rachel's home in Key West. Rachel has disappeared and somehow this is linked to a series of deaths including the ritualistic killing of a young girl. But the police are refusing to help and as Liz peels away the layers she finds an island paradise that harbours unspeakable evil.

Copy Cat

Five years ago three little girls were murdered in their beds, posed like sleeping angels. With no witnesses and no clues Detective Kitt Lundgren was forced to look on helplessly - taunted by a psychopath proud of his 'perfect crimes'. Now the Speeling Angel Killer is back and only Kitt notices a tiny variation in this new rash of killings.

Shocking Pink

Years ago three girls spied on a deadly sexual game that no one was ever supposed to see. Now curiosity has become obsession and years later someone is watching Andie - someone who wont let her forget the past. Three very differernt women are bound by much more than friendship. And they're about to discover that loyalty can be murder...

In Silence

Returning to her home town, Avery Chauvin hears rumours about The Seven a mysterious group pretecting the communicty against moral decay. A woman is murdered and outsider disappears and neighbours go missing in the night. Avery doesnt know where to tuen or who to trust as she realises that there is a terrible evil in this peacful town...