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Dog Diaries 3 Books Collection Set - Ages 7-9 - Paperback by Steven Butler

by Arrow
SKU: B2D2792 ISBN: 9781529120219
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Titles in This Set

  • Curse of the Mystery Mutt
  • Happy Howlidays
  • Mission Impawsible


Curse of the Mystery Mutt

A perfect story to tickle the funny bone of any young reader MEGAN RIXAAAAAAAAAAAGH Something terrible is going on, my person-pal!Something so DREADFUL, its enough to curl your tail with TERROR (if you have one, of course)...A spine-jangling HOWLING has been heard in the middle of the night, favourite toys have been STOLEN, trash bags have been SHREDDED and all the best pee-spots have been RE-SCENTED It must have something to do with the NIGHT OF THE HOWLY WIENER, which is only days awayCan I find the evil mastermind who is TERRIER-izing our town

Happy Howlidays

Are you ready for a festive adventure Join me, Junior on the most PAWSOME, most BARKTASTIC journey through the HOWLIDAY SEASON. You'll read all about FANGSGIVING, CRITTER-MESS and the mysterious SAINT LICK. Why strange humans called CAROL come and howl at the front door And why SHINY TREES suddenly sprout inside your kenne This will be the best holiday EVER! As long as the Mom-Lady doesn't find out what I did to the Fangsgiving turkey. You can keep a SECRET, right This hilarious, illustrated MIDDLE SCHOOL spin-off about a dog and his boy is perfect for younger readers

Mission Impawsible

A perfect story to tickle the funny bone of any young reader!' MEGAN RIX You'll never guess what, my person-pal... I'M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD! And, what's even better All my best mutt-mates are coming with me! But my dreams of being talent-spotted while walking down streets paved with sausage meat don't quite come true... And when the vacation takes a VERY unexpected turn, I'll need to find a way to escape a LIVING NIGHTMARE and get us all home