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My Brother is a Superhero Series 5 Books Collection By David Solomons - Ages 9-14 - Paperback

SKU: B2D2958 ISBN: 9789123986170
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This action-packed boxset features 5 super(hero) books that make up the My Brother is a Superhero series from best-selling author David Solomons. The award-winning series won the Waterstones Children’s Prize 2016 and the British Book Industry Award’s Children’s book of the Year 2016.

Can you imagine the agony when eleven-year-old comic book nerd Luke goes for a wee at the wrong time only to find out that his undeserving, never-read-a-comic-in-his-life brother, Zack, gets to meet an alien? Not only that, but the alien gives Zack superpowers and gives him strict instructions to use them to save the world. I’d be terribly annoyed too. 

But when Zack is kidnapped, it's up to Luke and his friends only have five days to save the world. And the adventure doesn’t stop there. Join Luke and Zack on more extraordinary adventures in this gripping series guaranteed to keep your own little superheroes entertained for hours on end.

This paperback collection features all five books in this rib-ticklingly hilarious series including My brother is a Superhero, My Cousin is a Time Traveller, My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord, My Arch Enemy is a Brain in a Jar and My Evil Twin is a Supervillain. These are the perfect books for any comic book superhero fanatic! 

This hilariously laugh-out-loud box set makes for the perfect gift for any 9-14-year-old superhero-mad fan. Looking for more hysterical and rib-tickling adventures? Well, they don’t come funnier than these! Why not check out our selection of books by David Walliams like Gangsta Granny or Billionaire Boy? For more comedic and side-splitting stories have a look at our Dav Pilkey collection featuring the waistband warriors in the Captain Underpants series and the canine hero series Dog Man. There’s sure to be something for everyone no matter what your child is interested in! 

About the Author:

David Solomons was born and grew up in the suburbs of Glasgow and now lives with his wife, Natasha Solomons, and their two children, their son Luke and their daughter Lara. He has been writing screenplays for many years, with his first feature film being an adaptation of ‘Five Children and It’ starring Kenneth Branagh and Eddie Izzard. He also wrote the children’s books, Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault 13 and Doctor Who: The Maze of Doom. The My Brother is a Superhero series is his first solo novel aimed at children. 

Titles in This Set :

  1. My Brother is a Superhero
  2. My Cousin is a Time Traveller (My Brother is a Superhero)
  3. My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord (My Brother is a Superhero)
  4. My Arch Enemy Is a Brain in a Jar (My Brother is a Superhero)
  5. My Evil Twin Is a Supervillain (My Brother is a Superhero)

From the Publisher: 

My Brother is a Superhero

Winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2016

Luke is a comic-mad eleven-year-old who shares a treehouse with his geeky older brother, Zack. Luke's only mistake is to go for a wee right at the wrong time. While he's gone, an alien gives his undeserving, never-read-a-comic-in-his-life brother superpowers and then tells him to save the universe. Luke is massively annoyed about this, but when Zack is kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, Luke and his friends have only five days to find him and save the world...

My Cousin is a Time Traveller (My Brother is a Superhero)

Luke is surprised to learn that his cousin is a time traveller. He's even more surprised when she tells him that the machines are becoming intelligent and he must help her stop them from taking over the world. It couldn't come at a worse time. Zack has decided to give up his superpowers and live life as a normal teenage nerd. So Luke must swallow his irritation and rise to the challenge yet again ...

My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord (My Brother is a Superhero)

Zack and Lara have superpowers. Luke has new school shoes and a burning sense of resentment. He KNOWS that aliens disguised as gym teachers are about to attack Earth but will anyone listen? No. So one dodgy pact with a self-styled supervillain later, and Luke is ready to save the world. He just needs to find his trainers…

My Arch Enemy Is a Brain in a Jar (My Brother is a Superhero)

Luke and his brother have swapped bodies by accident. Zack's got Luke's weird feet while Luke has Zack's SUPERPOWERS! Now he needs another world-threatening adventure to try them out. Could a family mini-break at Great Minds Leisure Park be his chance? Probably, because that's where his super-clever arch-enemy lurks, fermenting dastardly plans and bubbling gently...

My Evil Twin Is a Supervillain (My Brother is a Superhero)

When Luke is confronted with Stellar, his superpowered twin from another dimension, he is highly suspicious. No one travels through time and space without a plan, and that plan is usually EVIL. So what does Stellar want? And why is he so UNBELIEVABLY IRRITATING? From his superhero hair to his rocket-powered shoes, Stellar is up to no good, and Luke must BRING HIM DOWN!

"Expect utterly incredible battles fought with imagination-boggling superpowers, a stolen spacecraft disguised as a suite of bedroom furniture, tragedy, betrayal, heroism...and an interdimensional toilet. Packed with more bad jokes than any superhero story should allow, this is the third of a series which, although it can be read as a stand-alone story, is likely to be enjoyed most if you have read the first two." - BookTrust

"Solomons has his finger firmly on the pulse of middle-grade readers as he packs his super-charged space odyssey with energy, outrageous plot twists, dollops of brilliant satirical humour and moments of heart-melting emotion." - Blackpool Gazette