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Claude 6 Books Collection - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Alex T.Smith

SKU: B2D1647 ISBN: 9781444943986
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A 6 Book Collection of Claude's best adventures.

This book set is a marvelous collection of 6 books that will keep kids entertained, following a dog called Claude, full of charisma and definitely no ordinary dog. In fact Claude’s life is full of exciting adventures. In Claude in the City, Claude sets off on a new adventure of his own accord when Mr and Mrs Shiny shoes go to work. Claude and Sir Bobblysock went to the city to grab some tea in a cafe in the city, it was Claude’s first time in the city and so he went on a fun adventure to the shops, cafe and museum. Claude was having a blast with all that the city has to offer until he encountered a terrible robbery. Claude was the hero that stopped the robbery which then gave him fame within the city. This book Claude in the City had in fact been selected for Richard and Judy Children’s Book Club 2011

In this fun collection of books which are great for ages 7-9, comes the radiant and sunny title of Claude on Holiday. Sir Bobblysock and Claude go on a holiday for the first time ever. They do all the typical things that people normally do on a sunny holiday like building sandcastles, eating ice cream and sunbathing. The holiday was going very smoothly and Claude was enjoying his amazing holiday until one mysterious event occurred, he encountered some pirates as well as mysterious hidden treasures. In this fun collection of books, we also have Claude in the Country. In Claude in the Country, Claude is enjoying his walk and dancing down the street as he dances and shakes his butt and kicks his legs down town. Claude continues to dance and enjoys himself, then he eventually reaches his destination of the theatres and right under the spotlight. This 6 book collection will cover a wide range of themes which will surely keep kids laughing with the funny actions and scenes with Claude the not so ordinary dog. Follow this bestselling title with Claude as he goes on holiday, skiing, down the country, in the bustling city, performing at the theatres and circus.

1.Claude in the City

On a trip to the city, Claude becomes a hero when he visits a museum, foils a robbery, and saves the day!

2.Claude on Holiday

A seaside holiday turns out to be more fun than Claude bargained for when he meets pirates, sails the high seas, and discovers treasure!

3.Claude at the Circus

A walk in the park leads to a walk on a tightrope when Claude joins a circus, throws custard pies, and becomes the star of the show!

4.Claude in the Country

A quiet walk in the country turns into a busy day on the farm when Claude ends up mucking out the pigs, feeding the chickens, and lassoing a fearsome bull!

5.Claude in the Spotlight

A gentle stroll through town leads to leg kicking and bottom shaking as Claude dances his way into the theatre and straight into the spotlight!

6.Claude on the Slopes

One winter's day, Claude goes from throwing snowballs and making snowmen to causing an all-out avalanche!

Titles in Set:

  • Claude in the City
  • Claude on Holiday
  • Claude at the Circus
  • Claude in the Country
  • Claude in the Spotlight
  • Cluade on Slopes