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Christmas Storybook Collection 10 Books Set Ziplock - Ages 0-5 - Paperback

SKU: B2D3818 ISBN: 9781800583740
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Titles in This Set :

1. The Stinky Sprouts In a rather Smelly Christmas tale!
2. Reindeer on Strike!
3. Clump the Lump of Coal...
4. Santa's Twelve Days of Christmas
5. The Unicorns Are Coming To Town
6. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
7. The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas
8. Selfish
9. The Santa Expert
10. Oh, No, Mr Snowman!

Description :

Meet a host of festive characters in this sweet assortment of picture books. This Christmas storybook selection 10-set is the perfect collection to read around the holidays.

*Includes 10 Christmas picture books
*With colourful illustrations

The Stinky Sprouts In a rather Smelly Christmas tale!
Nobody likes the Sprout family, who are nicknamed the Stinky Sprouts. They re not like the cool carrot club, the funny turnips or the handsome leeks. They are stinky and green and left out of everything! So, one Christmas, the Sprouts hatch a plan to become the most popular vegetables around. They pretend to be a new kind of vegetable by dipping themselves in cranberry sauce as a disguise. Soon, everyone is talking about the great new vegetables that have moved into the kitchen. They are loved by all! Their plot comes undone, however, when the cranberry sauce melts and drips off. The other vegetables discover that it was the Stinky Sprouts all along. But, they also realise that they really enjoyed the company of the disguised Sprouts and were too harsh on them before. The Sprouts are finally accepted for who they are and they all live happily ever after!

Reindeer on Strike!
Santa's reindeer are fed up--they always work at Christmas, and they want to have fun too! So one year, they decide to go on strike . . . Adults and children alike will love this hilarious festive story. Beautiful illustrations from Clare Fennell accompany the funny rhyming text, making this book ideal for families to read together over the holidays.

Clump the Lump of Coal...
This is the story of Clump, the lump of coal that naughty children get for Christmas. But Clump has feelings, and he's tired of not being wanted! This hilarious Christmas tale features funny rhyming text and a fun combination of illustrations and photography, making it perfect to read together at Christmas. HILARIOUS CHRISTMAS PICTURE BOOK, WITH GOOGLY EYES ON THE COVER

Santa's Twelve Days of Christmas
Have you ever wondered what Santa gets up to after Christmas Eve? Find out in this humorous and innovative re-telling of the 12 days of Christmas, following santa s own Christmas holiday! Each spread focuses on a different day, with wonderful illustrations of Santa spending time with family and friends. Alongside singing with The Rockin' Robin Choir and skating with polar bears, Santa builds snowmen with the elves, bakes a gingerbread house and organises a reindeer race! The story ends with a new beginning: the beginning of another year s Christmas preparations!

The Unicorns Are Coming To Town
It's Christmas Eve and Santa treats his reindeer crew to a pamper day at the Unicorns Ice Spa, ahead of their Christmas flight. Their spa day is filled with relaxing snow masks, a sparkly hoof polish, a diamond fur wash and more! When they return back to Christmas Town, they make a worrying discovery their fur is so weighed down with jewels and gems that they can no longer fly! Will Santa be able to find another group of magical, flying creatures who are able to step in and save Christmas? Find out in this shiny, new festive tale filled with fun for all the family to enjoy together!

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse' ...That is until Santa comes to visit! Explore Claire Fennell's unique, collage illustrations bring this story to life, mixing quirky patterns with characters that children will love. Twas the Night Before Christmas is a festive twist on a classic story that is perfect to read to young children during the holiday season! Snuggle up warm and enjoy this beautiful tale with your little one, lets get festive!

The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas
When Pip the polar bear gets lost and wanders into Santa's grotto, he finds that disaster has struck and the elves are about to cancel Christmas! With time running out to deliver Santa's gifts, Pip embarks upon a magical and unforgettable adventure.

Do you know what Santa was like at school? Well, if you thought he was jolly or kind, you'd be wrong. In fact, he was mean, selfish, and lacked Christmas spirit! This is the story of how he became the Santa we know today. With fun rhymes and a heart-warming message, this hilarious, tale is perfect to read together over the holidays.

The Santa Expert
Scott knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Santa, from how he fits down the chimney to what he wears on Christmas Eve. But The Santa Expert is in for a big surprise when his little sister, Brie, stumbles across a festive crew and finds out some facts of her own! With colourful illustrations and fun text, this hilarious book is a perfect holiday read!

Oh, No, Mr Snowman!
Katy and her brother build a magical snowman. When it gets too cold to play outside, they go into the house – but Mr. Snowman wants to come in, too! What follows is a humorous tale as Mr. Snowman tries to sneak in without anyone noticing. Everywhere he goes, things freeze! From crystals on the dinner plates, to icebergs in the bath, Mr. Snowman is found and asked to leave every time. But on the day of the Christmas party, something goes wrong. The desserts won’t set and the ice cream melts…!