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Shortlisted for Book Retailer of the Year & Children's Bookseller of the Year
Shortlisted for Book Retailer of the Year & Children's Bookseller of the Year

Cathy Hopkins Truth, Dare, Kiss Or Promise 6 Books Collection - Age 9-14 - Paperback

SKU: B2D0406 ISBN: 9781853409677
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Titles in this set:

  • White Lies
  • Starstruck
  • Double Dare
  • Love Lottery
  • All Mates Together
  • Teen Queens

White Lies

Cat's always been the perfect girl next door. Thoughtful friend. Supportive girlfriend. Surrogate mother to her three younger siblings, a great help to her dad since her mum died. But now Cat's facing some major dilemmas. A game of Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise lands her in hot water when she's asked a truth she can't reveal. On top of this she doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend by telling him the truth, but she knows it's over between them. Is it right to tell lies to protect people or keep the peace Can the truth be too hurtful Cat tries to sort all of this out and in doing so discovers a lot about herself and others.


Squidge is over the moon. He's just started going out with the beautiful Lia, and he's been hired to help out with the production of a movie that's being filmed in town.
When Lia challenges Squidge to a game of Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise, Squidge promises her that he will always be open and honest. But things get complicated when the film crew arrives and Savannah, the celebrity teen star of the film, starts to show an interest in him. Will he be able to keep his promise to Lia, and what will become of their relationship?

Double Dare

A double dare leads Mac into a series of dating disasters and a chance to prove his worth as a cartoonist for a magazine. However, he discovers that success, in love and work, sometimes comes at a high price. Is he ready to pay it?

Love Lottery

Becca thinks she's through with boys - that is until Squidge dares her to kiss the first guy they see on the beach. The boy she picks has just arrived on holiday from London and is taken by surprise, but very happy with such a welcome. When Becca stands back and sees him properly, she realises that she quite fancies him too.

However, life is never as simple as happily ever after. Becca's parents' marriage is on the rocks and she becomes increasingly stressed about what is going to happen. She questions everything to do with relationships and looks closely at what she wants from a boyfriend: is it escape, companionship, trust or someone to turn to? With the support of her friends she takes steps to discover what she truly values in her life.

All Mates Together

Everything's about to change for Cat. She's moving house, so she'll have a room of her own at last, and her dad's about to marry Jen, which means a shopping trip to London and a chance to meet up with her new mates, Nesta, Lucy, Izzie and TJ, as well as see Jamie.

But nothing goes as expected - Cat's dream room looks like a non-starter, Jamie does a disappearing act, and wedding plans fall apart. How will Cat cope, and will she keep her promise to reveal a hidden secret to her friends?

Teen Queens

Lia has everything - aglamorous home and family, good friends, great looks and brains - and she has remained kind and unpretentious in spite of it. However, when she pulls the school heart throb in a game of Truth, Dare, or Promise, she alienates 'teen queen' Kaylie who was after Jonno for herself. Kaylie and her friends then start a campaign of bullying against her - the nasty, underhand kind where rumours are spread, threats sent, secrets exposed and confidence undermined.