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Anne of Green Gables The Complete 8 Book Collection - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Perfect for ages 9-14 and lovers of classic books.

From unwanted orphan to beloved wife and mother, the Anne of Green Gables series is the complete journey of 11-year-old Anne through a life even she never dreamed of. This set includes all eight books in L. M. Montgomery's tale of literature's most famous redhead and her colourful imagination. An excellent introduction to classic literature and perfect for readers aged 9+. Anne is an outspoken and bright girl, even though she may have suffered a dark past of being an orphan, living a distressed life. Even if Anne has had less opportunities in regards to education and meeting friends compared to other children, she has a strong will and Anne although not rich in wealth, she is very rich in mind and views life with hope and optimism! Anne is an honest girl and reacts to situations depending on circumstances, because of this pure heartedness she often breaks rules such as acting like a traditional proper lady with old fashioned ladylike manners. Anne often does not think twice about reacting based on her feelings so it’s safe to say that most of Anne’s opinions and actions are genuine. For instance, Anne screams at Mrs. Rachel for teasing her of her red hair.

Prior to living at Green Gables, Anne had no friends and hence she was very lonely, Anne resorted to making up imaginary mates. One day in Avonlea, Anne meets someone called Diana Barry who quickly became a close friend of Anne. Anne’s competitive and chaotic childhood began when she met someone called Gilbert Blythe at school, Gilbert was a smart kid but very disrespectful one with a playful and wild heart and he often makes fun of Anne’s hair calling her carrots and pulling her braid. Gilbert took every chance to make fun of Anne, which enraged Anne and made her furious! This sparked a strong clash and contest between the two throughout their school life which continued until the end of the story.

Anne matures in the story, losing some of the funny quirks and peculiarity as a child, Anne works diligently to achieve her best results in her academic studies. Her hard work was recognised, and thus was accepted into Queen’s Academy, a story following her next chapter in her life. In this amazing series, you get to learn the significant things of life even for someone as young as Anne, the reader will learn the importance of having fun, being yourself, working hard for what you want, real friendship, romance, and making compromises. Anne of Green Gables was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, it was originally written for readers of all ages, and it is considered as one of the most classic novels since the mid 20th century. Since the publication of the series, it has been translated into more than 36 languages and sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, this makes the series one of the bestselling books in the world.

Some fun facts about the series and the author:

  • The book was rejected by every publisher Montgomery sent it to, so she stored it away in a hat box.
  • In 1907, Montgomery re-read the Anne of Green Gables manuscript and decided to send it out again. It was accepted by the Page Company of Boston.
  • Montgomery wrote over 500 short stories, 20 novels and two poetry collections.
  • Anne is popular in Japan, thanks to translator Hanako Muraoka.