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Animalphabetical Adventures Children Book Language learning tool for pre-schoolers- Ages 5-7 - Hardback By Kinga White

by Bayeux
SKU: B2D3047 ISBN: 9781988440316
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This superb book tells the stories of many animals of the world, like Ant, Crocodile, Snake, Giraffe, Zebra. With much of the animals shaped like letters, it helps kids easily memorize the alphabets. Kids can join in on the fun along with exciting adventures of each animal with lots of magic involved. There are more deeper stories involved that revolve around friendship, values, kindness and lending a helping hand to others. The setting of the story is within nature, combining the development of reading and a mysterious world in nature, kids can truly have a blast reading this carefully designed book! Perfect for young bookworms of ages 5-7

About the author: This wonderful book by Kinga White is just the perfect tool to equip your kids to grasp the essential and fundamentals of reading and alphabets. Kinga is both a successful graphic designer and an illustrator who has won an award, combining her story telling skills and artwork, she was able to create this awesome book to help kids develop excellent basic literacy skills. With more than 20 years of experience in her field, she had worked in Poland for a publisher in the area of academics, she helped illustrate more than 50 book covers and further helped numerous amount of international businesses around the globe with her illustrative skills, including a number of projects for companies in Europe, Asia, Australia, America. Some of her work included working on brand identity for a huge Japanese ice cream producer as well as brand design for a medicine company in Switzerland. Kinga also taught english as a foreign language for a university at Warsaw in Poland. When Kinga eventually had children of her own, she had a big spark of interest into children's books and thus worked hard, providing her skills in illustration and beautiful storytelling to teach kids around the world on the basics of language. The Animalphabetical Book is her debut book which is full of magic, mysteries, fun and friendship

An enchanting book for young children which says: "A is for Ant, B is for...Join Crocodile, Duck, Elephant and other animals on their truly magical adventures and learn to recognise your first letters.Get to know life values such as sharing, kindness, friendship, offering a helping hand and others whilst you learn your alphabet.