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Allen Carr Set 4 Book Collection - Paperback

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Allen Carr was a chain-smoker, who used to get through a hundred cigarettes a day until he discovered the Easyway to Stop Smoking in 1983. The Easyweigh method involves a psychological reappraisal of attitudes to both food and weight gain, not just for people who want to lose weight but for anyone who wants to relish their food and live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Titles In This Set

  1. No More Diets
  2. No More Worrying
  3. No More Hangovers
  4. The Easy Way To Quit Sugar


No More Diets

Allen Carr's weight-loss method is unique. All others involve an element of restriction, leading to feelings of deprivation - which is why so many attempts to lose weight end in failure. With No More Diets you will enjoy your food far more right from the start. Once learned, the principles of Easyway can never be unlearned, ensuring that the benefits in health and well-being you experience will be permanent.

No More Worrying
Around the world Allen Carr has built a global reputation from his revolutionary therapy programmes. Now the best-selling author of "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" brings his proven methods to a problem that troubles most of us at one time or another - anxiety. Whether readers are serial or intermittent worriers, they will find this innovative book a reliable, handy corrective. As Allen Carr shows, worrying need not be a permanent fixture in life and its elimination helps us to achieve our full potential

No More Hangovers
Allen Carr's Easy way to Stop Smoking has helped millions of smokers to quit. In No More Hangovers Allen turns his common sense approach to drinking. Using examples from his own experience, one by one Allen demolishes all the myths that surround the subject of alcohol. Regardless of the amount you drink, this little book will enable you to enjoy social occasions more and leave you better equipped to handle stress

The Easy Way To Quit Sugar
Allen Carr's Easyway is the most successful stop smoking method of all time. It works by unravelling the brainwashing that leads us to desire the very thing that is harming us, and it has now been applied to other areas. "The Easy Way to Quit Sugar" tackles the biggest dietary threat to the modern world: addiction to refined sugar and processed carbohydrates. With the brilliant additional writing skills and illustrations of Bev Aisbett, you'll free yourself of addiction and enjoy better health, higher levels of energy, dramatically improved body shape and a happier, healthier lifestyle.