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Alfie Bloom 3 Book Collection - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Gabrielle Kent

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The Secrets of Hexbridge Castle

Just like Harry Potter, Alfie has no idea he’s magical till he inherits his own spooky castle. Storming new fantasy written by a top computer games designer. Magical worlds? Trust us: she knows her stuff. Alfie Bloom is just an ordinary kid like you. Until he is summoned by Caspian Bone: a raven-like lawyer. Alfie has inherited a castle. Not just any cool spooky castle. One full of centuries-old magic. Problem: evil forces want to steal its power. Brave Alfie must risk his life to stop them. Luckily, he has some strange helpers (like a flying bearskin rug). Can he protect his castle’s precious secrets?

The Talisman Thief

Fancy owning a fantasy castle that’s brimful of ancient magic? Alfie Bloom really likes it too. His magic castle is the best thing since Hogwarts. But it’s under attack! Fighting back won’t be easy. Ashford the butler has been kidnapped in the dead of night. The castle is under siege – with Alfie and his friends trapped inside. (Better in than out, though.) Can Alfie defend his inheritance? Can he save the whole of England from a terrible fate? And will he get another ride on his flying bearskin rug? Only this book will tell!

The Witch of Demon Rock

Alfie’s going back to school! But not in a typical classroom. Nope: he’s going back in time to the 1400s to learn some cool druid skills. But as he trains under Orin Hopcraft, the last of the great druids, Alfie starts to understand the true power and dark lure of the magic he guards. Then the people close to him start falling victim to a monstrous creature made of shadows. There’s only one person who can help Alfie and his friends: the less than friendly-sounding Witch of Demon Rock…

Discover Gabrielle Kent's. Alfie Bloom is just an ordinary boy. Until he inherits a castle and discovers that he has an ancient magic hidden inside him, a magic which others seek, but is very dangerous to use. Alfie and his friends must protect his inheritance and themselves. This series is perfect for fans of fantasy and any Harry Potter fan aged 7-9 will love reading about Alfie's adventures.