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Up to 10% multi buy discounts + 10% cashback *

Disney Villains: The Wicked Collection

SKU: 9781787416505 ISBN: 9781787416505
Who is the evilest one of all? Find out in this illustrated anthology of the most notorious Disney villains and their sidekicks. Are you ready to dive into a realm of cold-heartedness, cruelty and malevolence? Things are about to get very, very dark... This wicked collection features Disney's most notorious villains, from Maleficent and the Evil Queen to Gaston and Jafar. You'll discover each villain's motivation, whether that be ambition, revenge, greed, a love of trickery or, in some cases, a nature that is simply evil. You'll also learn about the wicked deeds each one is responsible for and the fate that ultimately awaits them. You'll find a quiz at the very end, so you can find out which Disney Villain you are. Fully illustrated throughout with deliciously evil artwork, this anthology is a must-have for Disney fans who aren't afraid to explore the dark side.