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Get 12 Months of Free Delivery with Books2Door PLUS+ from £6.95

Perfectly Imperfect Puppy by Graeme Hall

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THE NEW BOOK FROM GRAEME HALL, THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING DOGFATHER I've been training puppies for years and I am yet to come across one who behaved perfectly at all times. With this book I really wanted to be realistic about the expectations we should have when training a puppy and demystify the process with clear, simple advice, based on science and experience. In this stress-free guide you will learn how to: * Choose the right puppy for your lifestyle, including the benefits of a rescue dog * Introduce them to the family, other pets and children * Tackle separation anxiety * Train your puppy, while building understanding and trust * Socialise them, so they grow into a happy, well-adjusted dog * Prevent behavioural problems later in life I love working with puppies because there is so much potential to make a lasting difference to a dog's life and to their owner's. If you can get it right (or right-ish), you are paving the way for a lifetime of reliably good behaviour. Happy training! Graeme Hall; 224 pages; Published: 17/03/2022