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Prisoners of Breendonk: Personal Histories from a World War II Concentration Camp

SKU: 9780358240280 ISBN: 9780358240280
Never designated an official concentration camp by the SS and instead labeled a 'reception' camp where prisoners were held until they were either released or transported, Breendonk was no less brutal. About 3,600 prisoners were held there - just over half of them survived. As one prisoner put it, 'I would prefer to spend nineteen months at Buchenwald than nineteen days at Breendonk.'With access to the camp and its archives and with rare photos and artwork, James M. Deem pieces together the story of the camp by telling the stories of its victims - Jews, communists, resistance fighters, and common criminals - for the first time in an English-language publication. Leon Nolis's haunting photography of the camp today accompanies the wide range of archival images. The story of Breendonk is one you will never forget.