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Get 10% cashback + £5 for referring us

You can't revise for GCSE 9-1 English! Yes you can, and Mark Roberts shows you how : For the 2020 Autumn & 2021 Summer Exams

SKU: 9780008392802 ISBN: 9780008392802
'You can't really revise for English - can you?'Students often tell teacher Mark Roberts that they find it hard to revise for GCSE English. This guide will show you why that is a common misconception, and that all you need is an organised, step-by-step approach to your English revision! * Discover how to banish ineffective revision and use study skills that will help you to do brilliantly in your exams * Understand what really successful students do to help them towards top grades in GCSE English * Implement practice methods that actually improve your memory Read this book to find out more! Chapter 1. Effective revision for English examsChapter 2. Organising your notes and annotationsChapter 3. Memorising quotesChapter 4. Exploding your quotesChapter 5. Building up a bank of 'killer quotes'Chapter 6. Using context successfullyChapter 7, Improving practice essaysChapter 8. Getting ready for the unseen textsChapter 9. Preparing for the creative writing questionsChapter 10. Taking care of yourself and coping with exams