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Judy Blume 5 Book Children Collection

Judy Blume 5 Book Children Collection
By Judy Blume 5 Book Collection ISBN: 9781509817245 Product Code: B2D0866

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This Judy Blume 5 book collection is the perfect teen survival guide. This collection is full of teen related problems like parents divorcing, best friends making new friends and the pressures to feel beautiful. This set will capture hearts and show readers how to deal with such situations. This collection is ideal for children aged 9+ who enjoy teen books and relatable stories.Top of Form

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Titles In This Set
  • Then Again, Maybe I Won't
  • It's Not the End of the World
  • Just as Long as We're Together
  • Deenie
  • Here's to You, Rachel Robinson
Then Again, Maybe I Won't
Tony Miglione is thirteen, and his family lives in a cramped house in New Jersey. But then his Dad invents something that makes them rich, and they move to a luxury home in Long Island. But being rich brings it's own problems - Tony's Grandma feels useless when she doesn't have to cook any more, and his mum is obsessed with impressing the neighbours, but Tony knows the boy next door isn't as perfect as he looks. The only upside to his new life is that his neighbour Lisa keeps undressing with the light on. As he tries to adjust to his new life Tony starts to suffer from anxiety attacks and wishes everything would just be normal again
It's Not the End of the World
Karen's parents have always argued, and lately they've been getting worse. But when her father announces that they're going to get divorced, it seems as if Karen's whole world will fall apart. Her brother, Jeff, blames their mum. Her kid sister, Amy, asks impossible questions and is scared that everyone she loves is going to leave. Karen just wants her parents to get back together. Gradually, she learns that this isn't going to happen - and realizes that divorce is not the end of the world.
Just as Long as We're Together
Stephanie and Rachel have been best friends for years, in spite of their differences. Alison is new in town, and immediately becomes an integral part of their group. But is it possible to have two best friends? And how can you call anyone a friend if you can’t tell them your most painful secrets?
Mrs Fenner has very fixed ambitions for her daughters. Deenie is thirteen years old and gorgeous. Her mother wants her to be a model - but Deenie's not so sure. So when she's diagnosed with scoliosis - curvature of the spine - Deenie's almost relieved. No more traipsing round modelling agencies, no more living up to her mother's expectations. But she has to wear an ugly, uncomfortable back brace for the next four years. And she's convinced that it will put an end to normal teenage life - including her blossoming relationship with Buddy Brader . . .
Here's to You, Rachel Robinson
Rachel is the youngest in a family of high-achievers. She's also the cleverest. But it's not easy being super-intelligent - especially when her errant older brother insists on disturbing the peace and undermining everything she ever says or does. And her best friends seem to be falling for his charming veneer . . .
Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Judy Blume
ISBN 9781509817245
Collection ISBN 9781509817245
Age group 9-14
Book amount 5
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions W=13cm, H=20cm, L=6.5cm
Publisher Pan Macmillan
Condition New
Video link No
RRP 29.95

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