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Use Code BACK2SCHOOL22 for 10% Off Back to School
Use Code BACK2SCHOOL22 for 10% Off Back to School

World Book Day

Thank you for participating in our World Book Day campaign! We've given away 18,000 books, and offered free delivery for the first three days in March.

You Are A Reader

This year’s selection of exclusive books includes everything from famous authors like Matt Lucas to new instalments in favourite series like The Worst Class in the World in Danger! You can get all of these books for free with any order with the code FREEBOOK at checkout.

This year’s theme is “you are a reader.” On the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, it’s more important than ever to send the message that reading is for everybody. If you’re just starting out on your reading journey, check out our reading libraries section. In it, you’ll find box sets that will take you from phonics to fluency. If you want to read about your favourite characters, from Numberblocks to Peppa Pig, look at our brands section in the menu above.

About World Book Day

World Book Day is the literary event of the year that welcomes children and unites them in this one-day occasion to celebrate everything about books. Every year, World Book Day becomes increasingly popular. It gives children the opportunity to get excited about their favourite book or discover something new. Whether they want to dress up as a character from their favourite story or try a new book for the special day, it’s every kid’s chance to get stuck into the world of books.

Celebrated by book lovers worldwide, the World Book Day campaign promotes the lifelong benefits of reading for pleasure. Children with National Book Tokens’ £1 vouchers claim millions of free books. World Book Day is a charity event on the first Thursday in March, and everyone can get involved. The mission for World Book Day is to give every child and young person a book of their own, so this is a great chance to choose something new and continue to grow your child’s reading library at home. The fun doesn’t stop there! Every world book day has a unique theme relating to stories. It encourages children to take part with the chance to be as creative as they wish, all harnessed by the power of books!