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Tom Fletcher Books

Tom Fletcher Books 

Tom Fletcher is best known as the lead singer in McFly. In 2012, Fletcher and his bandmate Dougie Poynter released The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas. It sold more than 72,000 copies and became the most popular debut children's book of that year. 

Since then, Fletcher has released many more picture books, as well as junior novels such as The Christmasaurus series and The Creakers. Tom Fletcher has co-written a YA dystopian trilogy, Eve of Man, with his wife, Giovanna Fletcher. 

The Dinosaur that Pooped

Co-written by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter, The Dinosaur that Pooped has quickly become a bestselling picture book. The series contains Danny and his Dinosaur as they go on different adventures involving the Dinosaur eating something he shouldn't! Check out our The Dinosaur that Pooped Series 5 Books Collection Set, which contains The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas, A Princess, A Planet, The Bed and The Past. We also have The Dinosaur That Pooped a Pirate available to order individually. 

If your little one is a fan of dinosaurs, don't forget to check out our Dinosaur Books page, which is filled to the brim with dinosaur facts, stories and adventures. We also have a much wider range of picture books waiting for you to browse, featuring books for all interests. 

Who's in Your Book Series

These wonderful picture books are filled with adventure and have something for all children and their interests. The titles include There's a Monster in Your Book, a Dragon and a Unicorn. We also have the 2021 World Book Day mini-book, There's a Wolf in my book

These interactive picture books have children guessing and figuring out where the creature is in the book and how to get them out. It's a fun and creative way to keep children engaged and interested in reading from a young age. The books are aimed at ages 0-5 but can be enjoyed by older. For similar books, check out our extensive range of picture books for 0-5 years.

Chapter books 

Tom Fletcher has also published books for older readers, ideally ages 7-9. The Christmasaurus was his first chapter book which follows a young boy called William Trundle and a dinosaur he meets one Christmas Eve. The book is now part of a trilogy with The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch and The Christmasaurus and the Naughty List

The Creakers is a standalone novel which follows the protagonist Lucy when she wakes up one morning to find all the grown-ups are gone! Whilst all the kids in Whiffington seem excited, Lucy wants her mum back. She and her friends begin searching for the adults, only for them to discover a new world underneath her bed. This world belongs to The Creakers. 

Another best-selling standalone novel Fletcher has written is The Danger Gang. This book follows Franky as he moves into a new town. After a terrifying storm, people seem to have developed weird powers. First, Eric turns into a shark whenever water touches him, and then Mollie becomes invisible. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Franky and his new friends form The Danger Gang to try and solve the mystery. The book is set out as a series of letters to his friend from his old town, Dani. Franky is excited and happy to have moved but misses his friend. 

Young Adult Series 

Fletcher has also teamed up with his wife Giovanna to write a YA dystopian trilogy, Eve of Man. After the first girl in fifty years is born, she is raised with the understanding that she is the only hope to save humanity. But then she means Bram and now must decide: does she choose love, or does she choose humanity's potential future? This book is perfect for fans of