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Non-Fiction Books for Ages 5-7

In this collection, you can find supportive books to help your developing child learn about basic words, sounds, characters accompanied with engaging content like illustrations and artwork. Some of the endless list of benefits of reading Non-Fiction is that it teaches you the function of the world, including people’s behaviour which children can quickly learn to adapt to. The advantages of Non-Fiction books are that it focuses more intellectually, logically and analytically. Thus, improving your skills to better prepare you for your studies, career and life skills. Non-Fiction literature gives children a chance to peek into the world around us and explore unknown places like cultures, animals and other countries. It helps children deepen their background knowledge and Non-Fiction can satisfy a child’s curiosity and the types of books we have are endless!

We have The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia New Edition, an excellent reference title for young readers who are curious about the world around, a fantastic book to learn about fun facts in topics like new technology, art, the animal kingdom, with downloadable content, QR codes which takes you to carefully selected websites designed to help readers learn general knowledge. We have Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 4 Activity Books packed with fun activities like mazes, word hunting, recipes, puzzles and games, drawing games and so much more to keep kids busy with having fun productively. We select books that we know your children will fall in love with, from treasured classics to the latest must-have series. With our extensive range of authors and genres, there is something for every child, from reluctant readers to eager bookworms. Browse our Non-Fiction books collection for more great titles. 

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