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Literacy Day Books

International Literacy Day is a worldwide event that takes place on its designated day— September 8 of each year. It is one well-thought-out event, created by UNESCO in 1967 to promote literacy and inculcate the value of education and reading among communities and individuals. 

Whilst there are several things one can do to support the cause and promote global literacy; we at, Books2Door, believe our efforts must start at home with literacy day books. That’s precisely why we have curated a list of books we think will make an impact and help you teach the importance of education and reading to your kids.

Also, we promise you, snuggling in with a good book with your children before bedtime will make for some of your most memorable times with your kids once they are all grown up. So go on and grab these books to read with your kid, whilst also teaching them the importance of literacy day…

Roald Dahl: Words A Lift-the-Flap Book by Roald Dahl is a good book for parents who want to get their kids started on reading very young. Great for helping your kid develop a vocabulary; Roald Dahl is here to help your child learn plenty of new words. This brightly-coloured book is perfect for little ones to discover the wonderful world of Dahl. More such marvellous Dahl books are available for titchy toddlers and parents who want to get their kids started on reading early in the day.

A Children's Literary Christmas: An Anthology; is a book to help your child immerse themselves in some truly festive magic with this brand-new collection of the finest Christmas stories, prose, songs, and poetry from some of the greatest writers in the English language. Inspired by the approach and style of the British Library's 2018 bestseller A Literary Christmas book for children, this carefully curated anthology moves its focus to those most deeply involved in the wonders of Christmas, its age-old pleasures, traditions, and more; all through intriguing stories. 

The twenty-four seasonal chapters of the book allow the excitement to build as parents and grandparents can share pages of unforgettable adventures, festive traditions, tales of elves, snowmen, and reindeer, fairy tales, folklore, and family fun. Alongside charming, but often edgy, contemporary voices—this treasure trove of stories is brought to life by an equally beautiful selection of illustrations from the collections of the Library and the artwork of some of the great modern book illustrators.

The Usborne Reading Collection for Confident Readers is a 40 Books Set for children aged between 5 and 11 years; this is an impressive collection of stories with plenty of characters, topics, tales, illustrations, and text that will benefit your child’s reading skills. The Usborne Reading Collection for Confident Readers is a must-have for every young reader’s library. 

This series is aimed at turning your kids into confident readers and is designed to give children a fantastic variety of short fiction books that will encourage and prompt them to read more, but also do so more independently. The 40 titles included in this stunning collection are all designed to help children grow as readers within the Usborne Reading Programme. Jam-packed with a broad range of story styles, easy-to-read text, and fully illustrated colourful pages; this unique approach can prompt young readers to find the themes they enjoy most before choosing their next book.

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