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LEGO Ninjago Books

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    LEGO NINJAGO Choose Your Ninja Mission : With NINJAGO Jay minifigure

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    Be the hero and take control of your Ninja destiny. Comes with a LEGO (R) NINJAGO (R) minifigure to join you on your mission!LEGO (R) NINJAGO (R) C...

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    Original price £12.99 - Original price £12.99
    Original price £12.99
    £12.99 - £12.99
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Welcome to our expansive collection of LEGO Ninjago Books, where adventure, creativity, and imagination come together in a unique blend that enchants fans of all ages. Rooted in the rich legacy of LEGO and brought to life with vibrant storytelling, these books capture the essence of the iconic Ninjago series, featuring the compelling saga of young ninjas mastering ancient martial arts. Here, you'll find an array of titles, from early reader editions to comprehensive guidebooks, that promise to add depth, excitement, and lore to the visually captivating world of LEGO Ninjago.

About the Series

Step into the electrifying world of LEGO Ninjago, where six young ninjas—Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, and Nya—wield elemental powers and master the ancient martial art of Spinjitzu. Trained under the wise guidance of Sensei Wu, they are not your average warriors. They are defenders of peace, protectors of sacred artefacts, and warriors of immense skill and courage. With every flip, kick, and elemental burst, they captivate hearts and inspire awe. But don't let their youth fool you—each holds incredible powers that can both create and destroy!

Meet our fearless heroes, each a Master of an elemental power. There's Kai, the Master of Fire, whose fiery personality is as vibrant as the flames he controls. Then we have Jay, the Master of Lightning, whose quick wit is as electrifying as his abilities. Don't forget Cole, the Master of Earth, as solid and dependable as the ground we walk on. Zane, the Master of Ice, is the group's strategist, always keeping a cool head. Nya, Kai’s sister and the Master of Water brings a tidal wave of determination to the team. And finally, there’s Lloyd, the Green Ninja, who is destined to be the most powerful of them all. Led by Master Wu, a wise, ancient ninja and the brother of the villainous Lord Garmadon, they form an unbreakable team.

An Adventure for Every Age

Our collection is designed to cater to a wide audience, including young readers taking their first steps into the world of Ninjago, as well as seasoned fans looking for advanced narratives and comprehensive world-building. We offer books in various formats: storybooks for younger children, chapter books for intermediate readers, and detailed encyclopedias for those wanting to dive deep into the Ninjago universe. Whether you're a parent sharing the joys of reading with your child or a fan thirsty for more action and lore, there's a LEGO Ninjago book for you.

LEGO Ninjago Books are not just captivating tales of bravery, friendship, and adventure; they're also educational tools that stimulate creativity and critical thinking. Learn about the art of Spinjitzu, the values of teamwork, and the importance of resilience while immersing yourself in richly detailed narratives. Many of our titles offer a seamless integration of story-telling and hands-on creativity. Check out the LEGO: Fun to Colour Series 3 Books Collection Set. Reading becomes a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional books and into the fun of colouring books!

The world of LEGO Ninjago is filled with intriguing characters, each with their unique abilities, personalities, and backstories. Check out the LEGO NINJAGO Choose Your Ninja Mission: With NINJAGO Jay MinifigureOur books delve into these complexities, offering comprehensive guides that profile everyone from Kai, the Fire Ninja, to the malevolent Lord Garmadon. Explore in-depth character biographies, abilities, and even weapon schematics for a rounded understanding of this enthralling universe. No stone is left unturned as we offer you the ultimate guide to all things Ninjago. 

Visual appeal is one of the pillars of the LEGO Ninjago brand, and these books don't disappoint. Every page is a feast for the eyes, filled with rich illustrations, vivid colours, and intricate designs that echo the artistry of the LEGO Ninjago sets. Crafted by seasoned writers and illustrators who are passionate about the series, each book is a masterpiece that combines narrative flair with visual elegance. Nothing comes close to the awesome adventures of the Green Ninja, none other than Lloyd Garmadon, son of evil Lord Garmadon. Check out the LEGO (R) NINJAGO (R): Golden Ninja Activity Book by Buster Books

LEGO Ninjago is not just a passing trend; it's a cultural phenomenon that has captured hearts worldwide. Our books aim to be an enduring part of this legacy, preserving the magic of Ninjago for generations to come. So go ahead, explore the vast and exciting world of LEGO Ninjago Books and take your first steps on an unforgettable journey.

Engage with the mystical, become a master of Spinjitzu, and join the ranks of the brave ninjas as they battle dark forces. With our collection, you’re not just reading—you’re part of the adventure. Come, choose your path, and let the journey begin!

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