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Isadora Moon Books

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    Isadora Moon: The Winter Magic Activity Book by Harriet Muncaster

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    Packed with activities including colouring in, word searches, simple maths puzzles and much more, this seasonal activity book is perfect for keepin...

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    Original price £5.99
    Original price £5.99 - Original price £5.99
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Isadora Moon is a popular children's book series by author and illustrator Harriet Muncaster. The series follows the adventures of a half-fairy, half-vampire girl named Isadora Moon as she navigates the challenges of growing up with a foot in both the human and magical worlds.

The series begins with Isadora Moon Goes to School, where we meet Isadora and her family for the first time. Isadora is a unique character in that she has a vampire father and a fairy mother, which means she has characteristics of both species. She has pale skin and black hair like a vampire, but she also has wings and can fly like a fairy. Isadora's family is loving and supportive, but they sometimes struggle to understand each other's differences. Isadora's grandmother, who is a full vampire, doesn't always approve of Isadora's fairy side, and Isadora's fairy grandmother can be critical of her vampire side. These family dynamics add depth and complexity to the story and help children understand the importance of acceptance and understanding.

Throughout the series, Isadora faces many challenges and adventures. In Isadora Moon Goes Camping, Isadora goes on a camping trip with her classmates, where she struggles to fit in and keep her vampire and fairy sides a secret. In "Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet," Isadora is excited to attend the ballet but is disappointed when she can't see over the tall people in front of her. With the help of her wings and some quick thinking, Isadora is able to save the day and enjoy the show.

One of the strengths of the Isadora Moon series is its ability to tackle complex issues in a way that is accessible and relatable for young readers. For example, in Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy, when Isadora loses her first tooth, she is excited to meet the Tooth Fairy and learns that the Tooth Fairy is in need of her help. Together, they journey to a fairy realm to retrieve a stolen magical tooth that holds great power. Along the way, Isadora discovers the true meaning of friendship and the importance of teamwork. Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy is a delightful tale that will capture the hearts of young readers and spark their imagination. 

Another aspect of the Isadora Moon series that is sure to delight young readers is the beautiful illustrations. Harriet Muncaster is both the author and illustrator of the series, and her artwork is whimsical and charming. The illustrations are a mix of black and white sketches and colorful spreads, and they help to bring the magical world of Isadora Moon to life.

Mirabelle series:

In addition to the main series of books, there are also several activity books and spin-off stories featuring Isadora Moon’s cousin, Mirabelle. These books offer a fun and interactive way for children to engage with the series and learn more about Isadora and her world. Meet Mirabelle. Her mum is a witch, her dad is a fairy, and Mirabelle is a bit of both. She likes casting spells with her fairy wand and flying around on her witchy broomstick, but most of all, the thing she really, really likes to do, is cause mischief! Check out her stories in this Mirabelle 5 Book Collection Set

The Isadora Moon series has received praise from both children and adults for its positive messages and engaging storytelling. The books teach important values like acceptance, diversity, and empathy, and they do so in a way that is accessible and entertaining for young readers. The series has also been praised for its representation of diverse characters and families, including single-parent households and same-sex parents.

Overall, the Isadora Moon series is a delightful and enchanting collection of children's books that will capture the hearts of young readers. With its mix of magic, adventure, and relatable themes, the series is a great choice for children who are just beginning to explore the world of chapter books. Whether read aloud with a parent or enjoyed independently, the Isadora Moon series is sure to spark the imagination and enjoyment of kids. 

About the Author:

Harriett Muncaster is a British author and illustrator known for her whimsical and charming children's books. She was born in Hertfordshire, England, and grew up with a love of drawing and storytelling. After studying illustration at the Norwich School of Art and Design, she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for several years before pursuing her dream of becoming a children's author. 

Her debut picture book, I Am a Witch's Cat, was published in 2014 and received critical acclaim. Since then, she has gone on to publish numerous books, including the popular Isadora Moon series, which follows the adventures of a half-vampire, half-fairy girl. Muncaster's books are loved for their imaginative stories, beautiful illustrations, and empowering messages for young readers.

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