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Dr. Seuss Books

Theodor Seuss, an author that made numerous timeless classics is one of the major influential creators of the past century. Author Beatrix Potter even made a statement about his early work: “The cleverest book I have met with for many years.” Included in this collection we have The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library 20 Books by Dr. Seuss which contains titles like A Great Day for Pup, Miles and Miles of Reptiles, I Can Name 50 Trees Today! The great author had his first book rejected by 27 publishers in his early career but he soon found success and became a legendary author, and in 1957 his book The Cat in the Hat was an instant hit! Dr. Seuss was proficient in writing, illustrating and making new creatures with wonderful names and persona which all rhymes and flows tastefully through the story. Dr. Seuss’s artwork and creation can be seen in theme parks, paintings, sculpture and movies such as The Grinch which appears every Christmas. Dr. Seuss’s commitment to his work is well respected and appreciated, he has won several awards for numerous entertainment projects like the 1984 Pulitzer Prize, which involved his great contributions to education for children.

Did you know there are some correlations to Dr. Seuss with his lovely childhood memories with his mother connected to his rhyming style? When he was just a kid, his mother would often entertain him with rhymes based on various pie flavours. Did you know that it was reported Dr. Seuss would write roughly 8 hours a day and throw away on average 500-1000 pages during the initial draft of a picture book! You can visit our authors and series categories for more fantastic books!