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Activity Books

We all know the wonderful benefits that comes with reading, however did you know that there are even other benefits you may not know about with activity books like colouring, drawing, arts and crafts books which are fun and constructive. Such as the Wipe and Clean Workbooks which helps children aged 0-5 with developing phonics, tricky complicated words and crucial maths skills, these are also carefully developed to help kids learn step by step filled with pleasant activities. Colouring books like the Fantomorphia: An Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge are ideal for adults with its details and works of art within each page.

Colouring books for children and adults have been suggested as advantageous for health. By long practice of colouring, children can develop “Fine Motor Development” this will help kids establish good finger gripping and the correct way to grip pencils and pens. As kids enjoy their time doing art and design work, they will be gradually flourishing their skills as well development of muscles on their fingers, hands and wrist movement. In addition, children will also grow in their concentration ability, their length of focus will improve which will prove useful in all types of tasks in school in other subjects, in a fun way too!

Kids may not be aware of the use of different colours unless they are an Art prodigy of course, by spending more time colouring they are building the confidence to work in new ways with colour combination and they may discover new ways of shading, pairing different colours which ups their creativity and imagination. Not only this but colouring and design activities will improve skills in hand and eye coordination for both children and adults alike, particularly for those pages where you need to stay within a contained area without stepping beyond the black lines, these activities will establish this skill for children and adults which will be helpful for other life tasks that involve hand and eye coordination.

With the combination of concentration and achievement, children will experience a sense of accomplishment after completing a piece of design work which they can show off to friends and family, this builds their love for hard work and reward which will aid in their development as they study. Activity books will increase children's skills in storytelling and problem solving, as they spend more time on creating more detailed and complex designs, they’re more willing to experiment and take risks in their approach. Activity books with creative work involved will in turn refine development in writing ability too, children will be able to master the art of moving their pen and pencil in an accurate manner. 

These activity books will fine tune recognition of colour and shapes which will be useful for remembering letters and numbers too, due to repeated practice of design, language and maths kids will remember these memories early on in their life. Children will develop familiarity over time without even realising it, one of the biggest problems for children development is falling asleep from boring homework! So with these activity books, children will be having fun and learn new skills without even realising, they will keep asking more and they will keep growing at a fast pace! 

In addition to improved dexterity, children will develop spatial awareness skills by regular practice of these activity books, it goes without saying that hard work and study will usually result in better grades and development of skills, children will become more dedicated to other studies and tasks. Kids may be able to gain the ability to have better self-expression through these activities, perhaps through art, drawings, writing and storytelling.