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10 Books for £10

At Books2Door, we’ve developed an excellent reputation for providing amazing books but most importantly at an unbeatable price. We care about you, and we seek to be the number one shop for you to come back to every-time you’re looking for a new book or book set, and so we keep our books at a bargain price within a low budget and we only stock the greatest books that people are interested in. Within this category, you can find book collections of 10 or more for just the price of £10, that’s £1 or less per book! 

In this category, you may find some of the best books that children, toddlers or teenagers may be excited about. For instance, the Jumps & Shout 10 Pictures Books features 10 beautifully illustrated books with sweet stories and stunning artwork. With some of the themes that’s associated with Christmas, outdoor activity, play, family, friendship, adventure and protecting the environment. For the older kids out there, we have the superb The Shakespeare Children’s Stories 20 Book Collection, we have heard of the famous plays like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet but these pieces are legendary pieces done by the master Shakespeare and his work lives on today in this set. Make sure to spread the word to your friends on this new collection of 10 for £10 whilst it’s still live on our website. 

You can browse some of our other categories too for more bargain collections such as Home Learning, Activity Books and Summer Reads. Whether you’re a parent or grandparent looking for something to read to children during bed time, or you want to buy something which helps further your preparation for your studies or just something casual for reading during your leisure time, we have something for everybody. We feel it’s important to include the best of each genre and so we are very broad in terms of the products we include on our website, for example we have classic tales that live through the generations like Rev W. Awdry and A. A. Milne. Do make sure to come back and check regularly on all of our collections as we are constantly updating these with the newest and best titles when a special holiday is right around the corner like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Halloween or World Book Day! Our 10 for £10 are among one of the best group of books for incredible prices, in addition to this 10 for £10 collection, our bargains category lists even more books with awesome prices.

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