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World Book Day Costume Ideas

World Book Day Costume Ideas



The worlds biggest book party is just around the corner and we’ve put together some of our favourite costume ideas we think you’re going to love. We’re offering free delivery on all orders when you buy a World Book Day book. Head over to our World Book Day page  and add your favourite title to your cart.

If you’re looking for even more book entertainment don’t forget to head over to the World Book Day website for lots of free resources, extracts and games to keep your little ones busy.

Here are some our favourite World Book Day costume ideas!

Mr Messy from Roger Hargreaves classic Mr Men series 


All you need for this fantastic costume is:

  1. Two big sheets of paper
  2. Poster paint (Pink and black)
  3. Sellotape
  4. Rope or strong string
  5. Scissors

Step by step guide:

  1. Paint great big messy swirls on each of the sheets of cardboard, then add his face. I didn’t bother with his hands or feet, just his body to keep it simple.
  2. Cut out the body shape
  3. Stick some tape to the back where you’re going to poke the holes for the rope. This will stop it from tearing.
  4. Poke holes with scissors (grown-up job!) through the taped area for the rope.
  5. Thread the rope through and tie knots in the end at the right length. It’s best to do this while it’s on the child so you get the length right and it’s even on both sides.  Here’s a close up so you can see how I did it.

Head over to This Lady Land for even more fun World Book Day costume ideas.

Norman the slug by Sue Hendra


Blue Bear Wood has a fantastic step by step guide on how to create this amazing costume, pop over to their blog and find helpful directions with pictures.

All you need for this fantastic costume is:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Polystyrene/Styrofoam
  3. Tissue paper (brown and pink)
  4. Cellulose adhesive
  5. Bright coloured pipe-cleaners

First, Cut out two large doughnut shapes and glue the polystyrene/Styrofoam blocks around the inside and outside edge of one of the cardboard shapes. When they have dried glue the other shape on top.

Papier-mache the brown tissue paper (you could use brown parcel paper or brown paper bags) around the outside edge to cover the gap. You want this to overlap about a quarter of the way down the side of the doughnut. Use the pink tissue paper to papier-mache the inside gap and bring that up over the doughnut to form the icing.

Cut some bright coloured pipe cleaners into small pieces and glue them on both sides to make the sprinkles.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


This adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar is easy to make at home with a few bits of arts and craft material and odd bits of clothes it comes together super easy.

All you need for this fantastic costume is:

  1. Green top and trousers/tights
  2. Green paint
  3. A3 cardboard x2
  4. scissors 5. ruler
  5. pencil
  6. Brown card
  7. Double-sided tape
  8. Sticky fixers
  9. strong sticky tape

Even more ideas:

Book Aid has developed this very useful step by step guide which you can download here.

World Book Day is all about celebrating books and having fun. Share your story this World Book Day and show us how your kids, school and workplace are celebrating World Book Day.

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