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Happy World Book Day 2020

Happy World Book Day 2020

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Valid between 1-8 March.

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Books2Door is also running 5 giveaway campaigns for 5 days straight! Our biggest campaign so far this year! We will be initiating our first giveaway on the 2nd of March and all the details will be listed in the post itself, you won’t want to miss this chance to be winning these huge book sets!

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5th March is coming up, and that means it is almost World Book Day! Books2Door’s ambition was always to encourage children around the world to never stop reading, never stop learning which is why we have been providing exceptional titles and service to our consumers! For World Book Day, let’s all take a moment to give appreciation for the wonderful opportunity we have, to get to read and endless library of books. For adults and children alike, we are often too occupied with the daily tasks of life, from commuting to work and school, to doing overtime and meeting deadlines that we sometimes struggle to fit time for personal entertainment and self-development.

The nation-wide campaign “World Book Day” helps further improve the lives of children, by sharing our stories and creating more and more readers, we will ultimately build a lifetime habit of reading and learning. Statistically, reading for pleasure particularly in children is on the decline and Books2Door will be taking part of the World Book Day campaign to spark awareness and imagination back into the world of reading.

As people who have an endless supply of reading material, we should fully utilise these books for self development! 

Let’s have a look at some benefits of reading together:

  • Parents reading to children stimulates independent reading for pleasure.
  • Reading, especially at bedtime, provides quality moments for both parent and child.
  • For children, being read to is fun, deeply reassuring and Calming.
  • For parents, reading to a child is a bonding and affirming experience.
  • Regardless of a family’s income, children whose parents read to them when they were just starting school develop a greater sense of enjoyment of reading than those whose parents did not read to them or read to them infrequently.



Our World Book Day 2020 campaign was valid between 1-8 March and now finished. Thank you for your interest. Please keep visiting us for more bargains and great deals. 
World Book Day, a time whereby reading is highlighted, encouraged and supported. World Book Day was designed so that every child around the world gets the chance to receive a book of their own, a day where we cherish and give thanks to all the wonderful authors and illustrators and the aim to place a book on the hands of every young person out there. Put in place by UNESCO, it is a celebration of reading on a global level and a reminder on the importance of reading! Books 2 Door and World Book Day’s mission aligns well in the sense that we want to provide great books for every child. Year by year, we help promote World Book Day by running giveaways and special campaigns that help spread the word of reading and this year 2020, we are happy to be stocking the newest titles like Split, The Kissing Booth, The Case of the Drowned Pearl, Evie in the Jungle and Kid Normal and the Loudest Library. In The Case of the Drowned Pearl, the story talks about a famous professional swimmer called Antonia Braithwaite who drowned and laying on the beach. It is up to the Detective Society to solve this case and find out why guests at the nearby hotel wanted Antonia dead. 

In Evie in the Jungle, the 12 year old Evie has a special ability, the skill to communicate with animals. Evie can hear what animals are thinking and she can talk to them with just her mind. Author Matt Haig and award winning illustrator Emily Gravett combines their teamwork skills to present us with this golden story book. FInd out the journeys of the pink dolphins, sloths, and the mysterious life of the Jaguar. To put World Book Day into perspective, this special celebration has gifted £1.03 million worth of books in 2020 just in the UK and Ireland in just 5 weeks! Encouraging at least 25,000,000 minutes of shared reading. 66% of primary schools have now said that World Book Day changed their reading habits. At Books 2 Door, we take every chance to promote the most meaningful campaigns whether that would be World Book DayReading Together DaySummer Reads. We believe every child and young reader should have affordable and easy access to all the wonderful books.

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