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Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day! Thursday, 2nd March, is the annual celebration of reading and children's literacy. We're offering three days of free delivery to celebrate - 1-2-3 March! This is valid across our entire store, so you can give the gift of reading to anyone in your life - including yourself! Check out our World Book Day page for all our WBD books, offers, and exciting book sets. 

This year there have been great World Book Day books from all-star authors like Joe Wicks, Lenny Henry, and Adam Kay. As well as these great names, there are also additions to some already fantastic series like Big Bright Feelings, the Lifesize series, Dave Pigeon, and Dragon Realm. Check out World Book Day's website for more details on this year's fantastic books. 

You want to take advantage of all of the exclusive deals. We're offering a great value pack of all twelve World Book Day books from 2022 for just £7.99. Also, we're offering free delivery on the set as well, so there's no need to miss out on the fun. 

YOUR World Book Day

This year World Book Day is focusing on making it YOUR day, allowing your little ones more freedom with which books you can choose with your token and having more variety in genre and reading age. For more information about the books available with World Book Day tokens and for help with age guidelines, check out the World Book Day selection guide

Here at Books2Door, we are always striving to help encourage children to read and make anyone a reader. Therefore, World Book Day's campaign is a fantastic way for us to help nurture those budding bookworms. This year, many World Book Day books are part of an existing series. Therefore, we have put together bundles for anyone looking for the whole series to make shopping for them that much easier. We have Dave Pigeon Series 5 book collection, You Choose Series 5 Books Children'sChildren's Collection, A Big Bright Feelings Collection 7 Books Set, Lifesize series 5 book set, and Dragon Realm Series: 6 Books Collection, all with their World Book Day books included in the set. 

Happy 19th Birthday, Books2Door!

In an extraordinary coincidence, 2nd March is the nineteenth anniversary of the founding of Books2Door! To celebrate, we are giving all of our customers FREE DELIVERY from 1st - 3rd March and giving children a chance to have their own work published! Head over to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find out how to enter their submissions. 

About World Book Day

World Book Day is the literary event of the year that welcomes children and unites them on this one-day occasion to celebrate everything about books. Every year, World Book Day becomes increasingly popular. It gives children the opportunity to get excited about their favourite book or discover something new. Whether they want to dress up as a character from their favourite story or try a new book for the special day, it's every kid's chance to get stuck into the world of books.

Celebrated by book lovers worldwide, the World Book Day campaign promotes the lifelong benefits of reading for pleasure. Children with National Book Tokens' £1 vouchers claim millions of free books. World Book Day is a charity event on the first Thursday in March, and everyone can get involved. The mission of World Book Day is to give every child and young person a book of their own, so this is a great chance to choose something new and continue to grow your child's reading library at home. The fun doesn't stop there! Every world book day has a unique theme relating to stories. It encourages children to take part in the chance to be as creative as they wish, all harnessed by the power of books!

Books2Door's ambition is to encourage children to never stop reading and learning. This is why we provide exceptional titles and services to our consumers. For World Book Day, let's all take a moment to appreciate the incredible opportunity we have, to get to read an endless library of books. For adults and children alike, we are often too occupied with the daily tasks of life. From commuting to work and school to doing overtime and meeting deadlines, we sometimes struggle to fit time for personal entertainment and self-development.

This nationwide campaign helps further improve the lives of children. By sharing our stories and creating more and more readers, we will ultimately build a lifetime habit of reading and learning. Let's have a look at some benefits of reading together:

  • Parents reading to children stimulates independent reading for pleasure.
  • Reading, especially at bedtime, provides quality moments for both parent and child.
  • For children, being read to is fun, deeply reassuring, and calming.
  • For parents, reading to a child is a bonding and affirming experience.
  • Regardless of a family's income, children whose parents read to them when they were just starting school develop a greater sense of enjoyment of reading than those whose parents did not read to them or read to them infrequently.


We're proud to celebrate World Book Day at Books2Door, and we hope you'll join in the festivities!

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