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Today is National Writing Day!

Today is National Writing Day!

Today is National Writing Day on the 24th June. Whether you’re aged 3, 6, 8, 10 or you’re a teenager, an adult, a writer or just a keen reader; this day brings the message on the importance of writing, the ability to change society positively whether it’s small or big. Let this day be a reminder for children and adults, young or old that we have the power to express our imaginations, ideas, thoughts and views in this world through writing and language; we should all celebrate this art-form because writing has helped us people move forward through the ages. 

According to a 2018 report from the Literacy Trust which surveyed 47,786 pupils in the UK aged 8 to 18, around 50% of children and young people enjoy writing. We should all work together to see an increase in these statistics, how about 100% of people enjoy writing!? 

Are you cheering on for your friends or children to write more for fun? As children or young people grow up, they should be encouraged to write for fun or on topics they’re passionate about which will give them confidence. By surrounding yourself with a strong community of people who help each other write more and not being afraid to make thousands of mistakes, you will only see improvement down the line and you’ll be thanking yourself later in life that you stuck to this important skill, no matter the difficulty. 

For those who may think writing is irrelevant because you spend most of your time on technology like phones, computers, texting and speaking to voice recognition robots - you’re wrong to assume so! As long as you master the basics and essentials of writing, then no matter whether you’re using pen and paper or a device, writing will feel like a breeze to you! 

We all face feelings of stress or anxiety at least once in our lifetime and we all use different methods that may work for us to deal with that, it could be binge watching movies, binge eating, drinking, or maybe you play games or do sports. Yet did you know that Science Researchers have found evidence that you can draw out unpleasant emotions and improve your overall well being right at home by writing, specifically writing down your worries and troubles. 

Researchers from Michigan State University have also conducted a study that found evidence that writing down your worries improves your overall performance in executing specific tasks like reaction speed, accuracy and awareness. Something called electroencephalography or (EEG), researchers concluded that there is a strong possibility that writers who express their emotions can result in better performance in day to day life tasks. 

Isn’t writing just wonderful? It can create stories that leaves a legacy, it can strengthen communities, it can create guides for learning, and it can teach children the skills they need. 

Find out more information about National Writing Day and the benefits of writing below:

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