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Screen-Free Fun: Indoor Activity Books for Kids to Enjoy Anytime

Screen-Free Fun: Indoor Activity Books for Kids to Enjoy Anytime

If you find yourself stuck indoors with your toddler—and you will all the time, given the unpredictable English weather—then we know just the thing you can do to keep your child busy and productive. We at Books2Door have several indoor activities that are perfect to keep your little one entertained for hours. We have stocked up on the best of children’s activity books and children’s activity toys for all ages; that are ideal to keep your child engaged in productive activities. 

Whether you’re looking to unleash your child’s inner artist, or you want to simply give your little Flash an entertaining challenge, or you want to make sure they are learning something constructive. We have a dedicated collection of popular activity books that will bring hours of entertainment for children of all ages, covering every age and interest all in one place. Also great for bonding with your little one and triggering their creative imagination, there are tons of arts and crafts, reading and games to choose from in these activity books. With a wide variety of options available, you can find an activity book that best suits your child’s interests and needs. 

National Trust Look and Say 4 Books Collection Set By Sebastien Braun for children between the ages of 0-5 years is an indoor activity book set of four books based on different themes—the seaside, countryside, townside and farmside. Each activity book is a great way to educate young readers about the different landscapes and teach them about each. Whilst stuck indoors, this book set allows your toddler to travel across the countryside, learn about the seaside, explore the townside and learn all there is to know about farmside. These Look And Say What You See Series of books will allow your kid to absorb all the details about nature and learn about farm animals, seashells, sandcastles amongst others.


My First Stickers 10 Activity Books Collection with Over 250 stickers for

children aged 3 to 5 is a fantastic sticker book set. It is perfect for young ones starting school, learning new words and writing skills. These sticker books are great for home learning and for activities to do on the go. Spanning across 10 different themes that of alphabets, pets, wild animals, space, ocean life and more; this book set can help your little one practice recognising and identifying letters. It will also help your kid learn new words and concepts.

Fighting Fantasy RPG Books 1-5 Collection Set - Ages 9-14- Paperback books are a series of adventure gamebooks that allow readers to immerse themselves in a fantasy world and make choices that affect the outcome of their story. The books were first published in the 1980s by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and have since become a cult classic among RPG enthusiasts. Each book in the series is a standalone adventure that presents readers with a series of challenges and obstacles to overcome, as well as opportunities to collect treasures and gain experience points.


The gameplay mechanics of Fighting Fantasy RPG books are simple yet engaging. Readers are presented with a series of options at the end of each section of the book, and their choices determine the path that their character takes. Along the way, players must use their wits to solve puzzles, battle monsters, and overcome other obstacles in order to progress to the next section of the book. The books also include various RPG elements such as character creation, skill management, and combat. 

They provide a highly immersive and engaging gaming experience that can keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you're looking for a solitary adventure or a group activity with friends, Fighting Fantasy RPG books offer a wide range of adventures that can accommodate any play style. Another reason why Fighting Fantasy RPG books are ideal for indoor activities is that they are highly portable and can be played anywhere, anytime. All you need is a copy of the book and a few dice, and you're ready to embark on your adventure. This makes them a great option for traveling or for those days when you're stuck indoors due to bad weather or other circumstances.

Playtime Learning Numbers Words Colours Sticker Activity 10 Books Set by

Make Believe Ideas for children aged 4 and up is a great way to help your kid learn how to write. This book set includes 10 activity books and each book contains 250 stickers! Each book has a different theme and is designed to hold the attention of your little one as they complete the said activity. The dot-to-dot mazes, the number puzzles, the word games and so much more will keep your child entertained for hours, whilst they learn. 


If you ask us, it’s never too soon to get your child started on home learning and activity books. And First Learning Play Set: Colours by Priddy Books for children aged 2+ are here to help you do just that. Help your child learn to identify colours with this engaging early-learning play set. Little ones will enjoy matching the puzzle pieces with the colours on the pages, whilst also developing a basic vocabulary and fine motor skills. The plastic pocket makes it easy to pack-up and put back on the bookshelf at the end of the day.

Another great way to mix play time with learning indoor activity books and educational toys is The Picture Puzzle Activity Book. This second book in the popular kids books series, the Buster Puzzle Activity series is packed with puzzles for every need—from head-scratching mazes and spot-the-differences, to mindful dot-to-dots and number-code colouring. Puzzlers can embark on an exciting treasure hunt, follow step-by-step drawing tutorials, dive into deep-sea scenes, and much more. Expect to encounter a range of fun characters along the way; from princesses and superheroes to monsters and meerkats! This book is perfect for keeping boredom at bay when stuck indoors and to ensure your child is entertained and occupied.

Shopping at Books2Door has never been easier!

For more such popular children’s indoor activity books, take a look at our Home Learning Books. If you are looking for other kinds of children’s books to keep your little one entertained in constructive activities at home, we have books aimed at 0-5 years including phonics books, picture books and reading libraries that will not just keep your little one busy but will also help them prepare for school. Alternatively, our Numberblocks Collection includes a variety of activity books suitable for ages 0-5 to help them learn with the help of familiar characters.

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